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  1. B

    Are there any working and simple ways to show feedback from GMB on site?

    I'm looking for a simple way to demonstrate an interactive feed with reviews from my GMB account on my website. I want it to be a clickable feed with star ratings and other elements. I've seen tons of third-party solutions, but not completely sure if it's safe to use them. Can anyone please give...
  2. Paiva

    HY affiliates - forex related program. Any reviews or comments?

    I’ve got the feeling that affiliate programs that deal with forex related business can be rather interesting. Isn’t it the niche where the big money is? I wonder if anyone tried working with HY affiliates program. Any reviews? They offer up to $1000 CPA. Sounds like smth worth paying attention...
  3. E

    New Free wordpress plugin to create product review pages with data pulled from Amazon, eBay and YouT

    I've created a free WordPress plugin to create posts with multiple products. Given the Amazon URL, it pulls products data, find prices in eBay, reviews from YouTube and creates a post ready instantly. Ideal to create product comparison posts like "best <product category> of <period>" or "best...
  4. R

    Maxbounty Deliberately Terminates the Affiliates Account Before the Payment Date

    Yes, I am not BS'ing here.... maxbounty just wants to take your hard earned money. Don't believe...? Believe when it happens to you....
  5. Al Bojko

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Al Bojko and I've recently joined the website. I came to this website to see if we have common interests, but if I can get to learn and connect with like minded individuals. I also have a website that I recently created and I think you might like it, I've been working hard on it, if you can...
  6. durango

    Any theme for a product reviews website?

    Hello, I'm looking for a theme (either stand-alone php script or wordpress theme) whom will allow me to feature a few products (can be bank accounts or electronic cigarettes) which will feature a list on the homepage and the subpages are actually longer reviews of each product/package. All I...
  7. R

    Reviews for mobile apps

    Hi. Android, IOS reviews..let's discuss ;) anyone interested, write to me in S -P tof_21