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  1. benjaminthebank

    Would you be interested about a referral program with sign-up bonus and $1000 prices?

    Hey fellow affiliate marketers. We are building our startup Benjamin which is a new kind of digital banking platform startup for SMBs, consumers, influencers, and publishers who want to save and make more money. We are about to launch our early access list and I would hope to get some...
  2. C

    Hey, im new and would like to offer you a great opportunity

    Want to turn £10 into £20 with the chance of winning/earning even more? Let me know if you'd be interested.
  3. corem

    Looking for help with our Referral program for creators

    Hello AffiliateFix members, I am new here. :) But I already found a lot of great topics. I am looking for a little help or an idea. I believe you are more advanced in affiliate marketing here than I am. We are creating a platform for creators similar to OnlyFans or Patreon. I hope I can mention...
  4. UltraTime

    Review Kabookii - The Most Powerful & Profitable Referral Program

    Hey friends, how is going out there? I am here today (first to make money for myself, LOL) to share with you the MOST profitable Referral Program. I have been around the field of Affiliate / Referral programs for almost 4 years now. With profits of over $680,000. Recently I was exposed to an...
  5. P

    My Refer a Friend $5 is Blocked on Facebook

    Hey, I have a paid referral program running and it's been very successful but is now blocked by Facebook and my results are suffering. Does anyone know what to do when this happens? I've tried contacting facebook because my site is not malicious in any way and offers a legitmate solution using...
  6. MysteryPackages

    Review FREE 0.001 Litecoin For Free & Instantly? Takes less than 3min!i

    Hello, I came across this great Bitcoin exchange site which gives you 0.001 LTC for each sign up almost instantly! Nothing else just sign up, no bs, no spending money! REFERRAL: Update: 5min after I signed up, I got my LTC. Almost instant, within minutes! Term &...
  7. madakatti

    Cash Network Invitation

    Hello all, Is anybody a member of CashNetwork? If so can someone please invite me? :) Been trying to get into this network for a while now, just can't find anyone who is actually in it. Help Really appreciated .. Thanks in advance
  8. dollarman2017

    Am Charles & Happy To Be Here

    I am happy to be a member of this community. I am an Advertiser who is ready to learn from the experts here and pass across the little i know as well. I hope to meet friends here. I love this community already.
  9. F

    Generate multi-tier referral commissions for sales outside my site

    I don’t sell on my site but sales are made outside my site i.e on the merchant site. My registered members click and to be taken outside my site to purchase products/services. I have server to server/URL postback tracking in place by a third party to track if sales are made by my registered...