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  1. C

    How can I improve the ranking of my quora answers?

    What factors do you think are important if we're talking about quora, such as the age of the account, the number of upvotes, the number of shares, or the number of comments, anything else?
  2. Honeybadger

    How to rank top of Google in 24 hours

    You can rank a website top of Google in 24 hours There is not a trick, just follow these rules All information is public and free to learn Here is original Guidelines - Search Console Help General Guidelines Sitemap (link on all pages) If-Modified-Since HTTP header robots.txt Submit XML...
  3. Ralph Miller

    Sub-domain Ranking

    How can I rank a subdomain for a keyword while another subdomain with the same main domain is already ranked for the same keyword? Is it possible?
  4. jon d

    Bath Bomb Article I Wrote

    So I wrote this article a while back in February and I hadn't really looked at it since then. The other day I noticed it was getting a lot of views from Google so I ran the URL in the tool called Ahrefs and it turn out I'm ranked #19 for the very popular keyword "bath bombs" and I'm expected to...
  5. Stencil

    Cloned Websites Stealing Google Rankings

    We often speak of black hat SEO tactics and content scraping sites are just one example of such tactics. Scraping is the act of copying all content from a website using automated scripts, usually with the intention of stealing content or completely cloning the victim’s site. Lately we have been...
  6. J

    Which Is the best way to improve keyword ranking in google index

    Friends Which is the best way to improve keyword ranking in google index. Which the best Seo activities to improve keywords ranking in google index.
  7. G

    Backlinks DoFollow/NoFollow Ratio

    i want to know that what should be the ratio of backlinks for blog, i mean to have good link profile in google's eye does it matter to keep 50-50 ratio of backlinks, if my blog has 50 backlinks so is it necessary that 25 should be dofollow and rest 25 should be nofollow ?
  8. Akshaysapra

    Best link building strategy for 2016?

    Heeeeya! What is the best link building(backlinking) strategy for 2016? Google has updated since 2012. It's difficult to get decent rankings in 2016. Suggest some of the best ways? Thanks!
  9. LazyAssEh!

    New Domain - Did I Screw myself???

    Hi, i just bought a new domain (i thought), when i started working on it, noticed that it had a DA of 14 and Home page auth. of 28. Went to majestic and saw that it was actually a local businesses previous website. Backlinks all look ok. They are from decent directories and sites. In majestic...
  10. LazyAssEh!

    Youtube Ranking/Video Marketing Help

    Hi, I have a few questions with Videos. 1) How do you find a low comp. keyword? And what is considered low comp. in youtube? 2) I know how to optimize videos for keyword. Can anyone refer me to a source to get it ranked? I know you need social signals, bookmarks, then backlinks for google.
  11. LazyAssEh!

    Ranking Niche Stores???

    Hi, I have been hearing a lot about niche stores,... making $$$ (serious coin - autopilot) Niche stores are relatively easy to build (with plugin). But how do you rank an estore in google? It must be ridiculously hard to find low comp. keyword for you to have a chance rank in the top 3...
  12. Sunny91

    Ranking in Google - Backlinks?

    Hi, i wanted to know what the best method is to rank in google. I know you need social signals and backlinks from various sources. What i'm stuck on is getting niche related backlinks. How do you get backlinks from niche related sites? (other than blog comments):confused:
  13. C

    what kind of ranking methods work with youtube now

    I heard the unlisted method doesn't work anymore.