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  1. MonRays

    Official Best Arbitration Service

    MonRays is taking part in the CPA Voice 2023 Awards in the category of "Best Arbitration Service." Join us in this nomination process, and vote for MonRays. ❤️Your support is appreciated!

    Official 27% Higher ProPush Profits in Only 1 Month [Case Study]

    Basic campaign info Traffic Source: PropellerAds, Rollerads, Advertizer, Mondiad Tracking Tool: Bemob Affiliate Network: GoldenGoose + Mobidea + Traffic Company + Monetizer Extra monetization: ProPush with Back Button feature Type of Offers: Mobile content (mVas, 1-click flow, 2-click flow)...
  3. ikakameo

    Can anyone Suggest me Ads Network for Push Ads

    Can anyone suggest me some push ads networks with minimum deposit of less than $50 and also must be legitimate with real human traffic not with bots.
  4. PushHouse


    Push.House is an advertising network that cares about your profit and high ROI! It also presents accurate and unique tools for working with traffic to all its users, namely: ➡️ -Two popular formats for working with push traffic (In-Page push, Classic Push). ➡️ - Over 15 tools for your...
  5. AdBison


    AdBison is an advertising network with focus on convenience and performance for advertisers and publishers. With direct access to traffic from +12000 publishers AdBison also provides personal customer success manager, premium accounts, wide range of integrations and tools. AdBison is an...
  6. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Case Study Make $935 on Sweepstakes this Christmas! [Case study]

    Today we present a case study for everyone who runs push ads campaigns or just started working with it. This text was shared by our client who has been working in affiliate marketing for several years. In this article, he shares cool tips on how to set up and optimize a sweepstakes campaign for...
  7. Honeybadger

    Push Ads --> Whats a Good Unsubscribe Rate?

    So I now got 700 push ad subscribers always get unsubscribes each push pushing only blog posts last push got 700 sends 11 clicks (1.5% CTR) 2 unsubscribes (0.3% unsub rate) Hey @T J Tutor cant find the correct forum for push ads looked under traffic sources
  8. EZmob

    Official EZmob

    EZmob submitted a new resource: EZmob - Self-Serve Advertising Network for Media Buyers and Affiliates Read more about this resource...
  9. Zak_852

    Newbie Asking For Help!!!

    Hello everyone, I am just starting with CPA marketing and I always have this question on my mind. What is considered a relevant amount of data (clicks) in order to start tweaking your campaign? What are the early signs which indicates that your campaign has the potential to grow? Let's say I...
  10. RichAds

    Christmas One-Time-Offer from RichAds: Up to 15% Bonuses for ALL clients!

    All you want for Christmas is bonuses from RichAds! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and giving away festive bonuses for ALL clients Make a deposit and get your festive TOPUP: • $200-$499 – 5% • $500-$999 – 10% • $1000+ – 15% 3 steps to get your bonus: 1. Register or Sign In 2. Make...
  11. Vimmy

    Ask Me Anything Calendar Push and iOS15 update. Are we losing it?

    Will the Calendar Push format continue to work after the release of iOS 15? Expert forecasts. Two weeks ago, on September 20, the official release of the updated version for Apple devices – iOS 15 took place. This news sparked a heated discussion among affiliates and website owners working...
  12. Galaksion Ad Network

    Galaksion Advertising Network

    Galaksion is an International Advertising Network that sells traffic received directly from website owners. We do not work with resellers and can guarantee high quality due to a proprietary anti-fraud system and solid traffic quality assurance standards. Pump your profit with CPA pricing model...
  13. A

    Need some good push traffic suggestions.

    Hello all I would love for people to suggest me some great push notification/popunder traffic networks, please give reasons why they're good/bad. I have already tested Propeller and richads both giving me decent results but want to give some more networks a go. Heard ZeroPark was good, can...
  14. Honeybadger

    1st Affiliate Campaign with Push Ads (to be continued)

    Decided to 'bite the bullet' and spend 1 hour per day (after work) running my 1st affiliate marketing campaign with push ad notifications - target is to earn $200 from $100 investment pot I know zero about this system, so this week just learning the ropes before start to test, will be watching...