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  1. Stormrage

    How to setup multiple Postbacks in one single offer?

    I have a big trouble and hope it can have a solution... :( I'm working with MaxBounty and I need to scale an offer so I created another Prosper202 tracking domain to track better the new traffic source I'm using to scale this offer. I always use the Global Postback for all MaxBounty offers...
  2. S

    My Affiliate Marketing Journey

    So far, starting out has been extremely difficult amid all the amazing content I have consumed. Currently switching my tracking from Adsbridge to Propser202.. long story. My current campaign is from Click Bank, and I'm using BingAds as my traffic source. I would love to get to know anyone...
  3. Jeff_Z

    Buying Set Up Tracking in Prosper202 for Email Campaigns and Then Teach Me How To Do It

    Hello Prosper202 experienced people, I am running email campaigns for lead generation for a direct offer (i.e., the offer comes directly from the advertiser; not from an affiliate network). I have Prosper202 running on a VPS host, but I need someone to set up all the tracking for this using...
  4. dan222

    Prosper202 and Pointclicktrack Keyword Tracking Question

    I have done this in the past put don’t remember anymore how to do it. The PKT link looks like this: When setting up the campaign in prosper202 what and how do I have to add to the link? THX.
  5. KeoRid

    Selling Self-Hosted Tracker installation and sysadmin service - free for forum members

    HI for everyone! Our team has years of experience in installation and optimization on linux web servers. We will deploy ThriveTracker, AdsBridge, iMobiTrax, Prosper202, CPVLab or other self-hosted tracking solution for you. We use high-load web-server configuration nginx/php-fpm/Percona Mysql...
  6. jannysoft

    Videos for setting up Prosper202

    Hi guys, I dont really know if this one was shared before but here I fond some videos that demystified a lot of questions I had about Prospoer202. The videos are old but you can get the big picture on how to set up a campaign properly. I hope you guys find the videos as useful as I did.
  7. Nasir Uddin

    AdsBridge VS Prosper202 Which One Is Better For Free Tracking?

    Like I said on the title; which one you guys will recommend me for beginning? Thanks in advance.
  8. Max123

    Prosper202 installation

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem please...
  9. mobile99

    Best tracker?

    voluum, cpvlab, imobitrax, adsbridge, thrive, prosper202 when i have a lot of options, i get indecisive and don't know what to do. which one of them do most super affiliates use?