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  1. K

    Seeking Help Has anyone here ever tried DaoAD and Clickaine? please share your experience

    Hello everyone, I want to try out new ad platforms and I just want to make sure I make the right choice. So, has anyone here ever tried advertising on Daoads or Clickaine? If you had please share your experience. Thank you.
  2. K

    Do This If You're Worried About Bot Clicks Ruining Your Ads

    Are you worried about bot traffic messing with you're ad budget? This is a real problem, especially when you are not a tech-savvy person and cannot use fancy tools to collect data and optimize your ads. What if I told you that you could run ads without worrying about bot traffic messing things...
  3. Raimundas M

    KubikAds - PPC Ad Network

    Benefits for Advertisers: Cheap clicks (CPC starting at $0.01). Minimum deposit: $10. Deposit using PayPal, Debit Card or Credit Card. Affiliate friendly All verticals are accepted: Bizzop/Work from home, Weight loss, Muscles, Dating, Adult, Casino/Gambling/Poker, Crypto Currency, Gaming...
  4. Natalya

    The PromoNavi 2-Tier Affiliate Program

    Hey there! We invite you to join the PromoNavi Affiliate Program and earn 50% of every subscription sale + 30% of your sub-affiliate sales. This is the most generous affiliate program with no analogs in the digital marketing niche! Who We Are PromoNavi is a digital marketing platform for small...
  5. irisonline

    Per Click

    Can I get a very good company to earn money via PPC. I been looking for one
  6. Honeybadger

    PPC: Should I ignore Google Search in 2021?

    Need new traffic source in 2021 Know almost nothing about You Tube ads (just 95% irrelevant ads) Maybe in 2021 will just do You Tube ads? Really target for customer intent search about product Customer search --> 'how to trim nostril hair?' My product --> Nostril hair trimmer video Is it good...
  7. A

    Can an affiliate's Google Ads campaign conflict with our company's in house paid search activity?

    My company just had an affiliate ask about sending traffic to our offer from Google Ads. We already manage a full account on Google Ads, so I know that this affiliate would be bidding on some of the same keywords from their own account, with traffic going to the same domain. How would this work...
  8. Shubham Ghildiyal

    Cost per sale traffic!

    Hi, I am looking for traffic sources, in terms of CPS(cost per sale) model. I would be looking people good with Social media, E-mail Marketing, Blogs traffic, SEM. I have very good offers to promote, which are carrying extremely good amount of traffic to there websites, with on an average 30...
  9. wayne007

    Some What Newbie

    Hello hello name is Wayne (47Yo) Hi everyone, great to be here, Here’s my short story, I’ve been trying this Affiliate Marketing on my own for a long time, about 16 years, done lots and lots of research, bought a few courses, been scammed, frustrated and quite and got back up and...
  10. prashantborda

    working appeal for adwords

    Hey Guys, Do you have working appeal for adwords? if you have please do share an appeal copy which is worked for you to get restored your adwords account. Thanks :)
  11. AlwaysLearning

    Need Ultimate Resource for the Newbies

    Hi Guys, I have just found out this forum and I have really like the fellow affiliate marketers sharing their experience in a precise way. I am quite naive to this world of CPA and especially PPC ADS. I was on a Google search marathon about affiliate marketing and then i came across several...