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  1. MyBid

    How to Launch a Profitable Advertising Campaign with a $500 Budget: Tools and Case Studies Analysis

    The whispers are loud: "Leads are expensive, affiliate marketing is dead for small budgets." This is a narrative that sends chills to the bones of new marketers, particularly those with limited capital. But don’t fear, because within this article lies the key to finding a truth hidden in plain...
  2. Galaksion Ad Network

    Do you want some free and tested creatives?

    Several months ago we decided to give our precious advertisers something that many of you asked for and that no other advertising network had. Tones of campaigns and positive reviews after we are 100% sure of the effectiveness of Galaksion Creatives Base. Now any advertiser launching his ad...
  3. A

    cpa with pops

    Hello, guys. well, im a newbie on affilaite marketing and i found this forum by doing some searsh on google about pops traffic sources, i read a few article about popunder networks, but i dont found yet what im looking for ! first im sorry for my bad i have an account on mobedia and...
  4. 50onredmike

    RTXplatform - Push and Pops | Retargeting is Live

    I wanted to let the Forum know that we now have retargeting available for our Push CPC and NewTab PPV traffic. Here is a link that reviews the functionality and how to set it up in your account Retarget audiences who have previously visited your site if you do not have an account yet, Get...
  5. Luis Oscar Cruz

    To Adplexity or to Stormproxities? (PopAds)

    Huh ; do I keep Adplexity or I ditch it for Stormproxies/Instaproxies, etc. Let me explain what’s happening… ——————————————————————————————- I expected a reference point for SiteIDs to know its niche and quality but I don’t find one. PopAds (1-10) Quality score is not an indication of...
  6. jonte

    Jumping back into Mobile Affiliate Marketing 2018

    Hi all, I've been absent from the Affiliate Marketing scene for almost 2 years now. I had been playing with Crypto Currencies on my hiatus from AM as I'm an avid Bitcoin enthusiast after I first got into it in 2011. Of course with the crypto boom of December 2017/January 2018 I was playing the...
  7. K

    Hello From Egypt!!

    Hi all, Khaled is here. I'm new to CPA, I got the basics of affiliate marketing a couple of months ago and now I'm getting my feet wet with pops and domain redirect. Excited to be part of the community here, and I'm actively looking for an affiliate mentor and a mastermind focused on pop and...
  8. comegetbravo

    Ask Me Anything Guide - popads - Secret Sauce Ingredients

    Hello Folks of affiliatefix, I'm here with a guide on how to use popads effectively in order to maximise your profits. This is what I will go through: Why creating a new campaign for every new campaign is vital (inside popads) Segmenting your bids correctly Segmenting your targetings...
  9. EZmob

    Affiliates Wanted Overlay Ad Monetization

    Hello, To those who don't know us yet, Easy Mob ( focuses on monetizing publisher's traffic via overlay ads. You can have a look at a quick MOBILE demo for our overlay ads here Register a publisher account through this link today and receive AffiliateFix's members revenue...
  10. Nuno

    Media Buy

    Hello everyone, I work in a big company that always need a lot of traffic. Right now I'm searching for traffic from China, I'm specialliazed in Gaming but we do other stuff like online shopping. We need networks (most of them we already work) and web pages with a lot of traffic, ussualy we pay...
  11. DaynaAdnium

    Buying Mobile Pop-Unders, All GEOs

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy World-wide mobile pops on CPM or flat rate. daynagsmi on Skype, or dayna[at]grandslammedia[dot]com via email