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  1. A

    cpa with pops

    Hello, guys. well, im a newbie on affilaite marketing and i found this forum by doing some searsh on google about pops traffic sources, i read a few article about popunder networks, but i dont found yet what im looking for ! first im sorry for my bad i have an account on mobedia and...
  2. shafi kasmani

    My Journey with popcash and clickbank

    Today I deposited $5 on popcash and future more deposits! Niches - battery product and lost way products from clickbank i made 6 campaigns are different and i use direct linking url 6 campaigns X $0.5 = $3 total convert 3000 visitors! Geo- USA in all campaign, and Canada in one campaign see...
  3. Basheer

    How to Convert PopCash Traffic?

    Dear mates, I wish you all fine. I ran sweepstakes offers on PopCash - that converted on Bing Ads, but unfortunately I didn't get any conversion on PopCash, while on Bing Ads, I was getting 10%-20% conversion rate for the offers I tested. I tested the same landing page I was using with Bing...
  4. ALon laifer


    Hey all,hope all is super;-) I have been looking for guides on how to set a campaign with either popcash or propellerads and Adsbridge. cant find a full guide from start to finish cant understand how to set a conversion tracking (and all the other tracking...) Thanx:)