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  1. affvertize

    Affvertize-The Newbie Friendly Affiliate Network

    Hey All, Let me introduce Affvertize to the AffiliateFix awesome Community. We're an Affiliate Network based out of India and primarily focusing on Nutra & Dating Vertical at the moment. Come, Join us and Let's make a lot of money together. We're Newbie friendly and are here to provide you...
  2. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Official Lucrative Affiliate Opportunities Await You!

    Dear Esteemed Members, I trust this message finds you in good health and spirits. Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Hozefa, and I oversee the Affiliate Programs at Comfort Click Ltd. I'm excited to share with you some incredible affiliate opportunities in the Health & Beauty and Pet...
  3. SellHealth

    Official If you're promoting Male Enhancement offers, VigRX Plus MUST be on the top of your list!

    The #1 men's health offer available for affiliates! - Earn 50% on EVERY sale that you refer. - International shipping available. - Exclusively at SellHealth
  4. Affscale.Network

    Affiliates Wanted AffScale — Direct Nutra Advertiser in Asia

    Hello everyone, we are a CPA network and a direct nutra advertiser for the regions of Asia — Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand! With just 30s of reading, you are about to find out your best opportunity for making tons of money in 2021? Come on guys! Not meant to brag, but let's see what we have...
  5. Honeybadger

    Question About NZT-48 (Nootropics)

    Does anything like the blue pill or nootroopic Bradley Cooper takes in Limitless movie actually exist, from reliable source, for nutra offers?
  6. VivaClicks

    Offer Wanted Looking for advertisers with adult nutra offers (male enhancement)

    Hello! I am Alex, develop manager of, network, specialising in adult traffic monetisation. I'm looking for adult nutra offers (male enhancement) for following geo: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, South...
  7. Karen-ebat

    Affiliates Wanted Anyone promote COD nutra offers ?

    Hello Everyone, We are direct advertiser and looking for traffic for our own COD Nutra offers. Markets :Asian Model:COD Vertical: Male enhancement and weight loss If you have interest, let's talk!
  8. Suci Jane

    Is there any nutra advertiser?

    Hello everyone, Hope you are staying healthy and safe:). I represent our affiliate team to look for some direct nutra campaigns to monetize our facebook traffic. Currently we are running keto and ME/ED offers mainly in but not limited to CA, US, UK, DE and FR geos. Both Latin America and...
  9. MariusEmprojektai

    Affiliates Wanted Hi from Nutraimpact

    Hi, we recently launched an affiliate programme and looking for long term Partners. We are pretty much open to any kind of promotion and our marketing team will provide with landing pages, banners, etc. Please PM me to get more information or discuss cooperation.
  10. Jessica0312Wang

    Nutra Offers, High Payout, Good CR Promised

    Hi, There. We have several in-house nutra offers, looking for Facebook & Native traffic in US& CA. If interested. Email me at:
  11. DailyAffiliate

    Nutra Ads with Taboola (HELP ME OUT)

    Hello, I have been trying to get my Nutra campaign live on Taboola but they are rejecting it saying "Prohibited Content". The same type of campaigns are running for over 6 months with the same landing pages, how are they making it work? This campaign will be run in India only. I would love...
  12. lokiic

    Nutra Network NutralightAds welcome all of you!

    Hey hey! Big hi from AM Loki, NutralightAds! We have all Nutra offers you want! We mainly focus on US/UK/CA and global trials and SS. We get really high cr and competitive offers! (10%+cr and $4+EPC) Sincerely welcome FB/Native/Email affiliates and wish we could $$$ together! Let's be friends...
  13. Q

    Buying Leads Exclusive COD- Nutra Offer- Approve rate min 60%- GEO Vietnam

    HI guys, I'm Jane from ACCESSTRADE Vietnam. We own telesale, direct with local manufacture in skincare, adult, male enhancement... Our system could care up to 1000 lead/ daily/each offer. We are looking for COD- Nutra traffic in Vietnam. Highest payout (15$- 50$), all Lead be solved within one...
  14. Sam Noah

    Get New Exclusive Offers :)

    Hey there, How are you? I have brought some new exclusive offers for you. I am always here to bring the more and more good and trendy offer for you. Diet - Keto Lux - SS - US Skin - Mira Essence - Trial - US ME/ED - SledgeHammerXL Prelander Diet - K2slim Keto w/ Mango Cleanse (Upsell) Diet -...
  15. E

    Charles Ching From China

    Hi Fella, i am Charles Ching from China, and i have been working as a media buyer for about 5 months. As a newbie in this field, i am hoping to get help and guide from all your experienced people here. Thanks a lot. In the coming days, i would firstly ask how to post ads in ADWORDS and FB via...
  16. 4ikey

    Nutra Traffic (CPA)

    My dear, forum members, Help me please with good advice. Need good traffic to Nutra offer (Weight Loss Italy)… Today I spent my native $ 100 on Mosh•••ads by push ads and haven't received any conversion ((( Please advise me the advertising network or other source of traffic except Facebook...
  17. Operation.Game

    Selling COD Offer Traffic - Looking For Direct Manufacturer

    Hi Mem, I'm Jane from top CPA Affiliate Network in Asia - Interspace Global. We do affiliate business for a decade and now want to look for direct advertiser parner in supplement-nutra product to co-operation. Model Co-Operation: We promote product, Advertiser close deal and delivery COD...
  18. Lucian SC

    Looking For Nutra Affiliates

    Bitterstrawberry has an amazing op for affiliates that are running Nutra offers. Our in-house nutras are going to extend soon to multiple GEOs. PM me and I will happily share more info! Skype live:lc_1560 | e-mail lc@bitterstrawberry.comb
  19. Lucian SC

    Announcement Excellent In-house Nutra (direct advertiser here)

    Affiliates, webmasters, media-buyers, lend me your ears! BitterStrawberry's Protecvital is almost in its first month since we went live with it and it's been putting up huge numbers on the scoreboards. What is Protecvital? It is a fast acting vitality booster developed in-house by us in...
  20. Lucian SC

    Announcement Looking for Nutra traffic (Own offer)

    Hey everyone, we at BitterStrawberry recently launched our own nutra offer - Protecvital. It is a complex health supplement with many vitality enhancing attributes, fully legal with a 24h delivery. Its creatives are handled by our Marketing team in native German. We also put at your...