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  1. L

    A product with 11% conversions rate. I got many hops but no conversions

    Hello, I launched my first google ads display campaign promoting a Clickbank offer with direct linking. I luckily I got the final website URL link that contains my affiliate id so I used direct linking in my campaign. All the hops was directly to the main offer landing page. I was having a good...
  2. alvin_raj

    Why some sites allow NoFollow links?

    I found that there are many sites which allow NoFollow links. DoFollow is ok for those who are working for SEO and link submission, like me, but why some sites allow NoFollow links, how is it beneficial for it? Because NoFollow is not beneficial for us, SEO and most of do not like to submit...
  3. TrafficYoda

    What am I doing wrong? What's the next step

    Guys I have been doing the following plan (mentioned below) for 4 countries but couldn't get something to convert! tell me what I am doing wrong here. Reminder: I need a working method for tight budget campaigns. Yes there is a difference, large budget campaigns you can test every single offer...