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  1. E

    Native translation from English to Yoruba,Igbo and Hausa

    Hello. I am Esther from Lagos, Nigeria. I am a professional language translator with years of experience. I will manually translate your documents from English to Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo effectively. Thank you
  2. VivaClicks

    Looking For Nigerian Nutra owner needed

    Looking for a male enhancement offer Cash on delivery/ SS GEO Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana Skype live:.cid.2f31e4fa2cf7ac24
  3. Joseph Adeoye


    Hi! I'm Joseph. I discovered this forum while searching on Google for a place for affiliate marketers. I recently joined a travel agency as an affiliate. Truth is I don't know Jak about what to do but I know with study and socializing with the other affiliates on this platform I'll be a pro in...
  4. Nick_Alfa

    Ad Network for NG traffic. Which is relly goood?

    Hell there, guys! I am going to run some betting campaigns using push traffic. Do you have some advices which ad network to use? Which network has a lot NG traffic? Thanks in advance!
  5. R

    Introducing myself

    Hello, everyone, I am Refined by name and I am a Nigerian. I am a newbie who is ready and willing to learn. I have always wanted to go into Affiliate marketing, but at one point or the other there is always something to discourage me from taking the necessary steps. One of those things is the...
  6. Sola Anidugbe

    Health Products

    Hi. My name is Sola Anidugbe from Nigeria. I sell products related to Health and Wellness. I want to learn more about affiliate marketing and be a guru at it.
  7. newbiefriendly

    Young and inexperienced affiliate needs a business partner

    Alright I know there's not much I can offer you as a newbie, but at least I think I deserve a hearing. My full name is Chimaobi Christian Okeke, I am a Nigerian, and I am sure NO ONE here knows me( not as if I am known here in Nigeria anyway). I have clicked half of my IM life away on...