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    What are the most profitable niches for 2022?

    I have seen many affiliates ask for the most profitable niches for 2022, so decided to post a thread about it: Based on the 2022 trend, these two are among the most profitable niches: Health, Fitness, and Self-Care Online fitness classes have grown in popularity during the pandemic, with...
  2. Honeybadger

    Guide 1: How to Choose an Affiliate Niche?

    An often-asked question on this forum is "Which affiliate niche should I promote?" I find this extremely easy as a publisher getting organic traffic from Google to determine and here's my process for choosing an affiliate niche, so I suggest that you understand internet publishing and SEO before...
  3. S

    Suggestions and Tips as a Newbie

    Dear Friends, I am Sohel from Bangladesh. I am very eager to work in the field of affiliate marketing. I have been doing some research for few days. Following a video tutorial. It is getting clear gradually. Still lots to learn and I am learning. In this point I need some suggestion from the...
  4. King Conga

    How to Find Best Strategic Niche in Music.....

    and use it on Amazon Affiliates. I'm wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to go for this. My biggest problem is finding the right utility s'ware tool that helps me find my niche.
  5. Hinkys

    Selling ♜♜♜ Find Affiliate Niche Ideas That NOBODY Else Has ♜♜♜ Largest Niche Keyword List On The Market

    Hi guys, I'm offering the largest keyword list on the market. It's a list of over 1.3 million keywords organized in 1846 niches. It includes almost every niche you can think of and MANY niches you never even heard about. How Can You Profit From This List? Find untapped niches and bank on...
  6. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Any Networks that offers these niche plz?

    Not site if.this is where I should post this or not, but admin can help me out if it is not. I am looking for networks that has (1) Education (2) Jobs as niche. I feel I am good at this line. Please I will appreciate if you guys can drop off those networks here. And I will be more happy if...
  7. U

    Could a niche product be too niche?

    Hi, I thought I have found a niche that would work quite well. I created a seemingly good sales page, get ranked no 1 on Google for 'collecting autographs for profit' and yet I have no visitors and so sales. Is it the niche that I've chosen? Is it the product? What am I doing wrong? Perhaps is...