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  1. Mar Eugene


    Hello Guys and Gals, This is Mar Eugene and I am a professional affiliate marketer. I am new here and I'll appreciate your assistance. Even if the Lion is strong enough to defeat the Wolf, if outnumbered by 10 times ratio, it may be difficult to win and sometimes get defeated. We may be Weak...
  2. Rohan Kamble

    Hello, People!

    I'm Rohan aka ‘Rohan Dreamerz’. I'm a Business Analyst Intern who is also passionate about Data Analytics and Machine Learning. An engineer by Qualification, I'm an intense Guitarist, a Songwriter, and an Occasional Blogger. I love to share my experiences and knowledge with others. At Leisure...
  3. newlooksales

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I want to learn new things from here. Hopefully everyone will help me for learning new innovative things. Thanks
  4. amit.themobiadz

    Hello Community, I am Amit Mishra, a new member. Click to know more!

    Hey Everyone, I hope everyone is doing great here. I was researching Google for some insightful articles and gaining knowledge on Media Buying and Affiliate Marketing where I came to know about Affiliate Fix Community and also about the value this community is providing to the keen learners...
  5. casinorobots

    Hi everybody

    Hello to all members. I just want to say thanks for taking me in : ) My website is My website is in Bulgarian because i live here. Gambling market is not so big but there are some niches where i will try to position my site. Would you please take a look at my website and tell me...
  6. Joseph Chikeleze

    Hello, Am Joseph chikeleze. Good Day All

    Am new to this forum. Am Joseph by name and am an affiliate marketer. I started making money online from 15 years old. I blog at WpBloggerTemplates where I share the very best blogger Templates to new bloggers.
  7. S

    New Member Intro

    Hi I am New Here Anybody Welcome Me ***Edited By Admin***
  8. earnincome

    New Member

    Hello, Glad to be on this platform, I wish to learn how to earn a residual income online and I hope this community will assist me achieve my purpose, thanks
  9. M

    software engineer

    Hi :) I am software engineer ,I am new here. I really have no idea how this will be profitable for me . All I can say is that I can help on many things , I build web applications , android apps and IT solutions in general and Data solutions also. Any one have any idea ? proposition ? ....
  10. M

    Want to support each other?

    Hey guys! I'm a newbie to affiliate marketing, but no less capable of making it in this industry. I was wondering if the ones who have made money support us as sort of mentors? Like giving back to the community? I would really appreciate it! Mariam
  11. BAMN


    New into the IM world, eager to learn and conquer! All and any advice welcome!
  12. C

    Hello Community!

    Hey everyone, i am new to this fantastic forum of Afiliate marketing and nice to see you all! I am basically a teen school student from Nepal who wants to get some good knowledge about Affiliate marketing to make my life brighter and get a source of income to work with in the future I year...
  13. K

    I am new here

    Hi, I am from India, currently working for a few clients as SEO web content writer. I am seriously interested in making money as an affiliate marketer, need guidance, tips, advice from members here. Thanks,
  14. M

    Hello, I am new here

    Hi, I joined this site to learn about affiliate info. maybe it could be useful for some of my work. Feel free to ask questions. I am not a bot. (*or so my AI program says*) ;)
  15. D


    Hey all, joined a few weeks ago, but haven't said hello yet. I'm just getting in to affiliate marketing after ~5 years of "studying" it. My experience with IM is limited-I opened an Etsy shop a few years ago, 2012 I think, and marketed it on Facebook. After a year of struggling with it I...
  16. MHS

    Hello there, new here

    Hello everyone, I'm a guy with passion for internet marketing and would love to learn from you guys. I'm mostly interested in affiliate marketing and article writing stuff. Hope everything would turn out great with you guys.
  17. Eliza Writes


    Hi there, My name is Eliza, a new member of this community. Thanks for accepting me. I hope to learn a lot of things here and also share a lot of things. Thanks
  18. M


    Hola, soy nuevo en el foro, he aprendido acerca de esta página por casualidad, espero Eso esta página trae cosas buenas, así como cooperar en todo lo que es beneficioso para el foro.
  19. suklanarayan

    This is Narayan Shukla

    Currently I staying in Pune, doing Digital Marketing Job. I am new in this forum, so just wanted to say every one a big HII... Also I wanted to learn and earn money online. Please get in touch so that we can share valuable information with each other.
  20. GregDoran


    Hi All, I am new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. Many moons ago I worked for one of the large affiliate networks. After years away from the industry I am getting back in this time on the advertiser side. I am glad to have found affiliatefix so I can refresh myself by reading the...