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new affiliate marketer

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    New to FB ads+clickbank , need help

    Hi, I'm new to affiliate marketing, currently learning facebook ads + clickbank product (nutra offer). I have some issues understanding which parts of a funnel need improvement and what are the good/average conversion rates between parts of the funnel. I once saw a great video on youtube...
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    What type of conent works best for online money niche

    Hello everyone, I'm new to affiliate marketing, and I would like to ask for your advice. I decided to go with the online money niche - promoting courses, tools, etc. My strategy in general is to write articles that contain affiliate links, and of course, drive traffic to them. I would be happy...
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    Hi people. I am new and i have many interests. May be not ready for this...
  4. Just Ice

    Hi,Justice here. So excited to be here, in this community of like minded people.

    Im willing to contribute in any way i can, whilst i learn as much as i can from others here.