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  1. Honeybadger

    What's Your Funniest Movie Scene?

    Share a video clip from your favourite funniest movie or TV show scene Mine is the restaurant scene from Mickey Blue Eyes Couldn't breath it was so funny
  2. Mikeyboy

    ⭐Hi :) (Long post full of gold... )

    Hello Friendly Affiliate Forum :) I'm Mike from the UK. I've made good money in the past several years with CPA. None of which was made using the conventional "brainstorm angles, split test this, test that, then optimize constantly". Not shared my methods before but i want to start on the right...
  3. B

    Looking For Avengers movie promotion ??

    Hello ! As most of you know, the next Avengers movie is soon released, and it's gonna be B-I-G for at least 2 weeks !!! Anybody here who intend to promote a stream of this movie through sites or landing pages ??
  4. B

    Who believe in the Movie Niche ?

    Hello everyone ! Ad-center is thinking about improvement regarding the movie niche. What do you think about this niche ? Do you use or still work in this niche ? Give me your feedback, I will be interested to know more about your opinion ;) Love and chocolate :p
  5. B

    Hi everybody !

    Hi ! My name is Ben, and I'm an affiliate manager at Ad-center (direct advertiser). Basically I pay you for your traffic :D but I'm not only a buyer, I also bring all the help and the guidance that what affiliate need ! I usually cover niches like Movies stream / Sports streams / Music stream /...
  6. Shariful ISlam

    Best CPA network for movie site?

    I signed up with affiliate buzz recently to test them out and so far I've been really happy. The offers are geared towards people who want to watch movies/tv online. They are similar to other sites like market bay and sharing zone. Optimized specifically for webmasters/affiliate marketers...