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money lost

  1. Terry Martin

    Ask Me Anything Skype Mastermind (Intermediate/Advanced)

    Hi! I would like to start a Skype Mastermind! If you are like me, sometimes working from home can be challenging because you are on your own! I am looking for real grinders that are willing to share tricks and experiences. I think it would be a great way to network and stay motivated! Terry...
  2. dontbejello

    Stealing My money

    Okay so im using maxbounty this coupon offer email submit convert for 2.00 a lead. I have had three people tell me thank you and they signed up for the offer. however max bounty has me at zero do they take their time to update or could this be an error on there part. i dont have any tracking...
  3. HelenVendo

    What was the largest amount of money you lost?

    What was the largest amount of money you lost investing somewhere (in advertising, new business project, etc.)? Share your story!