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mobile adult

  1. Evgenia L

    1000+ offers for mobile VAS traffic. Daily payouts from 20$.

    Hi there! :) My name is Evgenia. I'm looking for WW traffic for VAS offers. * Promotional content removed by Admin * .
  2. M

    make mobile banners

    hey , i'd like to know how to make video banners like you see in adult offers . and does they convert more than animated one ? what software you use to make these video or animated banners (aside from photoshop)
  3. Artjom

    Looking for good affiliates, to promote Adult / Dating - Smartlink offers.

    Hey everybody! My name is Artjom I`am affiliate manager at MobitEasy. I'm looking for good affiliates, to promote our best Adult / Dating - Smartlink offers, targeted for all world's geos and devices, the smartlink offers are so generous and smart, as it redirect automatically to an offer...
  4. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Last chance to promote 1-wap-click for Switzerland!

    Hey fixers! Some of you must already know that there begins the last week when Swisscom carrier allows 1-wap-click flow. For you to not miss this last chance, we've bumped up the payout to $32.00! CH YourPorns CH YourPorns Play CH PornsHub What those offers or even more of the...
  5. E

    Try To Dominate Mobile Adult

    Hello everybody here on AffiliateFix I start this thread to share with you my campaigns and see how it goes I have a little experience with adult traffic which i made 250-300$ before 4-5 months in PeerFly now i start a new campagin in affiliaXe because my profit offer on PeerFly was not convert...