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maxbounty terminated

  1. Mohsin1223

    My Maxbounty account has been terminated for no reason

    Maxbounty Affiliate ID: ***Edited by Admin*** Dear sir, My maxbounty account has been terminated i don't Know what happened with it i just posted creatives with my maxbounty's offers links on my snapchat story but now when I'm logging it shows an error and i got an email that my maxbounty's...
  2. Chirag Mota

    Maxbounty accout terminated

    Hello everyone my maxbounty was terminated 2-3 days ago I don't know the reason because I was driving traffic from YouTube I have made a YouTube video on earning apps and surveys then I recommended offers as survey Jobs to the viewers . And added my landing page links in description. After...
  3. A

    Maxbounty closed my account without valid reason

    I particularly believes they closed my account because I'm using a vpn software to log into my account, I did used vpn whenever l'm connecting to a public hotspot for safety concerns Is it possible to appeal for this matter? Any representative or AM from Maxbounty i need you assistance. Thanks...
  4. M

    Maxbounty Account Terminated

    my maxbounty terminated suddenly I massaged to my AM his blocked me without telling any Reason Dan Jonson, I'm not a fraud actually he is the fraud he thought he is the owner of maxbounty lol. Why he want to block me without giving a reason as Manager. as Manager he need to explain the problem...
  5. broke to conqueror

    Maxbounty Account Help

    Hello Rockstars, I am a newbie. This is my first post here. I have had a question... Let's say, I have a domain name e.g. "mydomain dot com" and my email is "info at mydomain dot com". and I registered my maxbounty account with the email "info at mydomain dot com" as I mentioned above. Now, the...
  6. A

    RESOLVED - AFFILIATE TRAFFIC FRAUD! - Is MaxBounty Become a Beginner Killer ?!

    Never meant to spread negativity and didn't like the fact that this is my 1st post here, but I hope u see where I'm coming from We have here so many points to discuss and make sure that maxbounty doesn't accept beginners & also take my money and fight me to grow up and make a real business with...
  7. Rehan Khan

    Maxbounty Account Closed, confused why?? Help

    i just received this email, and wanted to appeal, what is the "Reason" for which my account is terminated, I am just getting organic traffic from facebook and get leads, i started promoting the offer named as scentbird, and have a perfume page This one : Scentbird Perfume Subscription and i am...
  8. zishan

    My Maxbounty Account was Terminated, any alternative solution.

    Hi, I just joined Maxbounty and have been promoting Campaigns successfully. I also received Email from Riyan (Affiliate Manager Maxbounty) he congratulated me about leads which was generated and asked about traffic sources, i have just replied i have been running PPC campaigns & Promoting...