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  1. DatingGroup

    Dating Group Affiliates - Industry Leading Payouts up to $600 Pay-per-Sale (PPS)

    Hello beautiful people! Dating Group is one of the Top biggest online dating company with over 140 million monthly active users, 45 dating apps in our portfolio and over 100 countries covered by our products. Since 1998, We have been helping hundreds of millions of people live a more fulfilling...
  2. ClickAdilla

    Publishers ClickAdilla

    We’ve been in the business as a publisher for more than 10 years, have more than 40 websites, so we have a crystal-clear understanding of what an effective Ad is. Our experience + your needs = high-demand formats: Inpage — flexible configuration, CTR up to 20%; iOS notification —...

    Affiliates Wanted MOBIPIUM mVAS TOP10

    Hi everybody! This is this week's best selection of mVAS offers. Ask your dedicated AM about them and if you're still not working with MOBIPIUM, click here to change that!!
  4. Advertalb

    Want Affiliate for Work Us?

    Hi, Guys we are an affiliate network with dating offers, live cams, gey dating, apps, mainstream, adult game. Join Now
  5. AniAffiliate

    Affiliates Wanted I need affiliate we have good offers

    Hello guys we have offers for: Dating Adult Dating Sweepstakes Gambling Mainstream Join Now and promote now and earn money with Affiliate Offers Network
  6. G

    Any recommendation for the best offer page for mainstream/adult smartlinks?

    Hi everybody, Guys, do you have any recommendation for the best working offer page for mainstream/adult smartlinks? with the best payouts? high conversion rate? Because based on our experience we tried several networks and find it difficult to make the campaigns profitable. What traffic...
  7. Mobidea

    Dive into Mobidea's Mainstream Fever Contest!

    Hey guys! Ready to dive into Mobidea's Mainstream Fever Contest? This time, you’ll get the chance to earn extra Rev Share of 25% with a cap of $1000! How? From May 22nd until June 22nd, you need to promote Mainstream Mobile Content offers, including the Smartlink! Which means? The...
  8. Susan

    Affiliates Wanted Nutra Valentines' love

    Love is in the air! Our flagship Nutra product, Metamuscle, offers 3 packages for the price of 2 in order to stay fit and toned, especially in these romantic times ;) SPECIAL AFFILIATE PAYOUT (for limited time): 20 EUR / 24,80 USD Geos: SE, DE, AT, UK, PL, SK, CZ, HU, IT, Payment: Paypall...
  9. Susan

    Looking For Nutra mainstream traffic for Sweden!

    Hi All! Looking for Nutra mainstream traffic for Sweden! No doubt we can do a nice deal! PM on Skype: Speak to you soon! ;);):affiliatefix:
  10. Clickwinks

    Adult/Mainstream 1 Click Flow Traffic WW

    Hi, We are looking for Quality traffic on Adult/ Mainstream offers WW do connect with us if you have the same. We have high PO and we pay on Net30, Also if you do $10,000 we pay weekly as well so it all goes on Quality/ Delivery numbers. Thanks Prashanth
  11. kishore73

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for traffic in all verticals

    Looking foraffiliates in beauty,health, adult,crypto verticals on CPA/CPL basis. High payouts.No prepayment
  12. sam patra

    Need Help

    i want to knw how do i create a campaign for smart links .. i have just signed up a cpa network that pays daily but this network has only smart links option and i decided to try .. i am confuse about how to create a lander for mainstream infact i dont know about any offer that the smartlink...
  13. D

    Hello people!

    Hello, everyone! I'm Daniele, Affiliate Manager @ IMOCASH and I'm very glad to be a part of this community! My mission is to provide the best converting offers for all my affiliate, answer your questions about our service, and provide you with any support. Feel free to conctact me with your...
  14. MarinaKimia

    Affiliates! Want more revenue in...

    ... some of this weeks trending segments! Adult Italy - TIM - epc $8.92 Argentina - Personal - epc: $1.24 Germany - Vodafone - epc: $3.74 Mainstream Iraq - Asia Cell - epc $8.04 United Kingdom - Three - epc $0.96 Bangladesh - Banglalink - epc $0.48 Signup with Kimia, no strings attached!
  15. Cpamatica

    Looking for HQ email traffic for Owned Dating product

  16. HilltopAds

    Selling Traffic HilltopAds traffic of the Week

    Greetings, affiliates! Are you looking for traffic? HilltopAds announcing hottest rates for desktop and mobile traffic for this week. Keep in mind that these rates are average in our system. You may request higher/lower rate depending on your offer and ROI goals. The guest star of the week...
  17. cimpoi constantin

    adult offers/daily payout in euros

    hey guys!looking for daily payout?add me on skype: cimpoi.constantin1 adult/dating/mainstream offers for desktop and mobile,all geo's!daily cashout on paxum,payoneer,paypal etc!Happy earnings!
  18. Circulation.Tube

    Buying Traffic Looking for mainstream popunder traffic

    Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend! I'm looking for loads of traffic for Austria based on these specs: GEO: Austria Carrier: T-Mobile Ad type: Mobile popunder Please send me a PM and let me know the amount of imprs a day and the CPM.
  19. A

    ADJOMO helps to earn more with WW mobile traffic!

    Hello all members of Affiliatefix! We have been working for years in mobile marketing industry and hope we can share our expertise to all members of the community. It is great to be at the place full of enthusiastic and dedicated people with similar goals and shared interests. Good luck to...
  20. Gabor Vasas

    Buying Traffic Traffic for Mobile Content Offers

    Hi I'm Gabor, Partner Manager at Greenlight Media, CPA network with direct advertiser relations in the mobile content sphere. We’re looking for quality mobile traffic to promote our campaigns. GEOs: AT, DE, UK, PL, GH, IT, KE, ZA, some WW offers also. ALL MEDIA TYPES ALLOWED for most of our...