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  1. Dark.banana

    spam assassin score 5.5 mail lands in spam Gmail

    hi so i wrote html email few moments ago and i checked it spam score with spamassassin and it shows 5.5 spam screen : basically this is how the email looks : Did i use too much links with img ? or the domains i used to redirect to are crappy ?
  2. D

    Best autoresponder system - E-mail

    Good day, I apologize in advance for my English language and grammar. I would like to know where to find a good atuprespondet (as well for sending emails). I used Mailchimp, SendX, Weber, and others but have many drawbacks. I would like to know what is better or more practical. Thank you for...
  3. N

    Need help in PowerMTA

    Hello all ! this is my first post in this forum, i have read so many interesting threads and i'm willing to contribute soon, but now i'm having an issue with PowerMTA i have installed it in a vps and it doesn't seem working while sending, i get this message : Connection attempt failed, status =...
  4. A

    how much i can earn money by send mass mail marketing (spamming)?

    Hell, i want to know,how much i can earn by mass mail marketing (go to spam) for example if i send 1 million mail/day how much i can earn on average ( like sell services)? thank you