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  1. J

    Seeking Help I am looking for a program to create affiliate links for an app

    I have launched an app on the Google Play Store and App Store, and I am looking for a way to create affiliate links that track how many app installs there were through that link to start a campaign with content creators. Does anyone know what tool I can use for this? I would be very grateful for...
  2. Joozedq

    How to Utilize Powerful Q&A Link Building for DA & Referral Traffic

    Hey all! I've been a long-time lurker on this forum so I wanted to share some super powerful SEO link building tactics that I've used that I think might benefit a lot of you affiliate marketing folks. Has anyone here tried using Q&A Links to generate referral traffic and boost your link...
  3. manojchahar

    What is best link building strategy..?

    Hi.......what is best link building strategy..? for best traffic and #1 ranking in #Google.
  4. The Gent

    Looking for Adult Link Exchange

    Hello there, My site is at 1 - 2k day traffic at this moment and I'm looking for a fellow adult webmaster who is interested in exchanging links if you are that fellow doesn't hesitate to leave me a PM Best REGARD guys
  5. Edley Naylor-Leyland

    Newbie: looking for learning resources

    Hi there, i'm new here. I'm very much a beginner to affiliate marketing and i'm looking for some help on setting up tracking links that i might get from the different Affiliate Networks (Awin, CJ etc). Are there some good resources on understanding the technical side of this (blog posts...
  6. jon83

    Looking For link exchange

    Hi We are looking for anyone how wants to link exchange.
  7. james3322

    What is best way to create Site Links

    How to work on Link Building Methods, i need best Android Related platform, those could help me to increase a website links and traffic
  8. G

    Backlinks DoFollow/NoFollow Ratio

    i want to know that what should be the ratio of backlinks for blog, i mean to have good link profile in google's eye does it matter to keep 50-50 ratio of backlinks, if my blog has 50 backlinks so is it necessary that 25 should be dofollow and rest 25 should be nofollow ?
  9. Work from home Jobs

    Link building service

    I am searching for a Link building service from Asia as I don't want to pay 70 euro an hour in my country. Has anyone experience with Link Building services from India etc?
  10. Skill Silo

    New Affiliate Manager - How to motivate Affiliates

    I am new to the affiliate management position and wanted to see if you have any helpful tips to motivate affiliates to 1. Join 2. Promote our website. We are in the education space, specifically in live, 1-on-1 language lessons (unsure if I should be brand dropping here, don't want this to be...
  11. Akshaysapra

    Best tool for SEO link building? Senuke?

    Heeeeyaaaa everyone. Can anyone tell me which is the best and seriously working SEO link building tool? Actually I've heard a lot about Senuke. Has anyone tried it? Can it really take you to first page of google for your keywords?
  12. juzlee

    Link Building Tutorial (Video Lessons)

    This is a video series teaching you how to properly build links. I hope this helps our dear affiliatefix users. Link Building: How To Build Back Links To Dominate Google - YouTube