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  1. Honeybadger

    100% Success: My Strategy for 2022

    This is my strategy for success in life shared some of it before here is a simple snapshot in list format good idea to use Google Drive but anything is ok even write out on paper determine your life goal --> example: build a refuge for 100 stray dogs must be specific must be logically...
  2. kamall allen

    Glad to be apart of the community

    hi the name is kamall and am North American living in Europe..I have been apart of just a few forum site most I wasn't comfortable with because of neglectful coach or just comfortable in general the community is just not helpful.. Hoping to enjoyed the comfort and assistance from some of the...
  3. Murat Tatar

    My new Journey

    I want to start something that everyone knows but nobody wants to hear. Average global life expectancy: 76 and I'm ~ 42. That means; I can see at most 8 Olympics. That's it, that's all. I have learned a lot and I have done so far. PhotoShop, web desing, teaching, google adsense, arduino, python...
  4. Rob32

    Is it Real to meet a Girlfriend while you are working online?

    Hey Guys! I have a question. Do you think that it's real to meet someone (if you are single) when you work online everyday? I mean Really work online: you wake up, and work via desktop from home from morning till evening? So, you may have lots of virtual friends... but How about not-virtual? :D
  5. PurePay

    Are you fulltime or parttime?

    Hello all. I have read a few posts here and there now, and i am curious to understand more business methods and also how well it is going. Not only this i would also love to get a bigger network, since there is so many inspiring souls out there. @tyoussef, @azgold, @Hunter S Robbins and more...