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  1. J

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Affiliates to find Clients who need Attorneys in San Diego.

    We have a simple program. We find Clients who need Attorneys, get them to hire our Attorney Clients and then do Paralegal Work for the Attorneys. The majority of our Attorney Clients are in San Diego. is our signup link. We pay $100-$300/paying client and...
  2. dharrison

    I finally have gone live.

    Hi Everybody I have finally bitten the bullet and gone live with what will be my affiliate. My thinking is to wait a couple of weeks and get a decent amount of content on there before I start applying to affiliate networks. In that meantime, I do welcome any constructive criticism on my...
  3. X

    Legal Pay Per Call

    Any decent general legal campaigns or buyers available? I have various legal calls most from paid search traffic and I want to monetize them for what they’re worth.
  4. Adejohn1998

    The Most Vital and Effective Keys of a Legal Service System.

    In whichever country we might also live we are sure by means of the legal guidelines of the area. every country or autonomous region or state has its very own set of legal guidelines that the people, corporations and every alternate system should abide by means of. The residents have to limit...
  5. S

    Do I need a company to do Facebook Marketing or Adwords?

    Hello, So I have searched online but I didn't find anything useful. Do I need to start a company in order to do Facebook Marketing or use AdWords? If not, do I have to pay some taxes? Thanks in advance for the reply!