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lead gen

  1. H

    LinkedIn lead gen for multiple companies

    Hi, Lets say you're a B2B lead gen firm, working with 50 companies, many of whom are in different industries, selling them exclusive leads. If you want to use LinkedIn to generate leads, by sending connection requests, chatting to book meetings, creating content etc, how do you logistically do...
  2. B

    Seeking Help Looking for leads for the EdTech niche in Romania

    Hello all, I'm looking to develop a new lead generation source for the company I work for (GoIT Romania). We have LPs already developed. Our audience is quite general so there is a lot of space to play with here. I'm only looking for leads from Romania! I have to mention I'm kind of new in the...
  3. C

    Lead Generation

    Hello, guys. What do you know about lead generation? What websites is it possible to do?
  4. Zenmann

    Lead Gen Sources

    Anyone know of another good lead gen source that is similar to Facebook lead gen ads, where you can advertise and have people sign up via a sign up form?
  5. dansmith44

    G'day from Australia - looking to meet lead gen experts..

    Hey guys, Great to be here. I've got a bunch of direct clients here in Aus, mostly looking for leads but some in ecomm as well. Have posted the first one right here, which is in the solar niche: Fingers crossed I haven't broken any...
  6. M

    Need help getting started with Lead Gen

    My business associate and myself have been running nutra for the past 5 years and sucked everything out of it, its not as lucrative anymore... That being said, on to the next. We are looking into getting started in Lead Gen, what are some good resources that could help us initiate our first...
  7. Claire Harbour

    How to reduce phone 'no answer'?

    I was wondering if any affiliates might have some ideas on how I can reduce 'No Answer'. A good amount of my leads are failing because people aren't answering their phones. I've removed reference to calling (i.e. An expert will call you shortly...) on the thank you page and have validation on...
  8. henryluxyz

    Newbie need help

    This is Henry, We got media buying team and network traffic, we run CPA offers last year, now we would like to try out CPL offer, the problem is: what is leadid/video record tools, people said that tools is for verify false user, others sai that is for transfer data, and for legal data because...
  9. Nick Turchiano

    Adult Friend Finder question

    Which program is the better way to go? 1) Percentage Program 2) Per Order + Rev-share Payout 3) Per Order Payout by Country 4) Cost Per Lead Program Is one better than the others? Thank you, Nick
  10. K

    Seeking for top quality traffic

    Hi, I am direct advertiser developed in house sweepstakes, seeking for top quality marketing partners or media buyer to promote. Feel free to hit me on skype for further discussion - kimmeng88 Talk soon Cheers, Kim
  11. simonbrep

    Selling Leads Dynamic Micro Segmentation Daily Leads + CRM Included (5 Custom Leads List)

    A unique solution that allows us to provide you a customised data flow with new records based on your unique needs on dynamic micro-segmentation from 1,000s of consumers registrations worldwide Get Started - The Data is synced and uploaded daily to your...
  12. S

    Advertising channels for charities

    Hi been struggling to find a channel that works for charities seeking donations. Is it a lost cause or only works with a strong branding campaign? Emails obviously are not as effective any more. Any advice here appreciated.
  13. Robbie Heather

    Any affiliates out there looking for more work and more money?

    We are in a very strong position with multiple buyers wanting more and more PPC generated leads for flight claims in particular, anyone with experience as an affiliate will be welcomed in to our Affiliate Cloud training platform. With lots of buyers in place, we really could do with a few more...
  14. U

    Q: Collecting Leads from Calls?

    Hey guys, I'm just curious... Do you collect phone leads, before sending them to call center? And do you have some use of that, when you make a list of phone numbers?
  15. T J Tutor

    Paid Traffic Choices

    Tim, Do you tend to work as many proven traffic sources as are available when running campaigns, or do you try to focus on just one or maybe a few for given campaigns. T J
  16. AffPortal

    Meets & Greets from Central Pennsylvania

    Hey guys and gals, I'm Corey Bornmann from AffPortal. It's been a while since I was into the forum scene but my buddy Tommie Smallz is a member and was talking about his case study he's doing so I figured I'd check out the forum. I'm working a ton on lead generation these days in tons of...
  17. Bona Daniel

    Affiliates Wanted Lead Generation Offers

    Leadnomics is looking for affiliates with display, email, social, native, ppc and ppv traffic to promote our litany of lead generation offers. Hit me up on Skype bdaniel.lnx. Internal & exclusive Auto, Health and Home Insurance offers Multiple Solar Offers with plenty of cap and high EPC's...
  18. Bona Daniel

    Affiliates Wanted Solar Traffic Wanted!!!

    Leadnomics is looking for affiliates with native, display, social, email, pop, incentivized and or search traffic for our exclusive solar lead generation offer. Top payouts and timely payments. CPL. Hit me up on Skype or email me if you are interested. Skype: bdaniel.lnx