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  1. arc323

    New Here. Launching first web app. Looking for resources.

    Hey all, I'm new here but not new to IM. I've been making my living online full time since 2015. I own small/medium sized digital agency and I do pay per lead and ecom side projects. I'm active on BHW and I have Youtube channel that mainly includes software tutorials (GSA SER, mass page...
  2. Anthonyk59

    What would you do to successfully launch my product ?

    Hello ! I'm new here and looking for the correct maners to success in my product launch, so I thought I could just ask you how you would basicaly do it! I'm in the elearning business, and launching in the next months a web platform with video courses about IT skills. I saw things like the...
  3. K

    What is the actual cost for signing into affiliate network as a merchant?

    i am new to affiliate marketing and want to launch my site (arts and crafts selling site) on any of the affiliate network that is suitable (in terms of money and time). What is the actual cost charged for setting up a merchant account on affiliate networks such as paid on results, affiliate...