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  1. Richard Mwangi

    Just signed too Amazon Affiliate what next

    I recently decided to try Amazon affiliate since click bank is not working in my country, the problem am sure I will be encounter is most people from Africa don't believe in online marketing.most of them belive its a scam.i have never been to any other country.kindly advice me on this journey
  2. Richard Mwangi

    Can i make it in kenya as an affiliate

    I come from a country where everyone is trying to get a space in the government so that they can steal funds from the nation, it's quite hard to make money online in such countries since we are hindered with so much like lack of electricity high internet rate overpriced products and taxes. I...
  3. Patrick Mahinge

    Hello From Nairobi, Kenya

    Hey guys, My name is Patrick, and I am proud to be joining this amazing forum. I was born, raised, and spend my days in Nairobi, the City in the Sun and the capital city of Kenya. But as they say, the internet has turned the world into one small global village. And So, here we are.