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  1. AffiliateGal

    Am I ready to Start?

    Hello community! I am new to affiliate marketing, however, have quite a bit of experience in digital marketing, so have finally decided to start applying my experience to help myself and not my corporate employer, for a change :) I have been researching and looking around and I think I'm ready...
  2. David Mali

    $50k in commissions on warriorplus!

    Hey Guys :) Today I've Reached $50k in Affiliate Commissions on Warriorplus Nearly $50k :D and i didn't think i would say this ever, but to me warriorplus is the best affiliate network out there, better even than clickbank if you're an affiliate and don't have an account, you're missing a lot
  3. logicalnerds

    Which one is better Clickbank or JVZoo?

    Okay, tell me which one will be better, in terms of faster account approval & good commision?
  4. violet

    Announcement Do you want a Free Web Designs?

    Just refer 3 clients and you'll get a page design... FOR FREE! OR Avail my special promo, for as low as $50, you can have a professionally made designs.. You can find my resources here Dont hesitate to message me if you have any questions or concern..
  5. David Mali

    I Made $6,277 In 4 months (Promoting JVZoo Products Only)

    Hello Guys i recently joined jvzoo 6 months ago and picked some really good products to promote online (Review Blog) and facebook+bing ads reviewing a youtube tool to rank your videos and some other products in my blog here is the results in 4 months and wait for the detailed video...
  6. David Mali

    Jvzoo is better than clickbank ?

    Hey guys i have tried both ,clickbank and jvzoo. i started very late with jvzoo, and i was able to make about $7k in my first 4 months ... and i found that jvzoo have a very low refund rate, and high quality products ,of course in the MMO niche only ... plus %80 of the Make money online...
  7. David Mali

    Easy Way Big Affiliates Marketers Use To Drive Massive Sales 2018

    If You're Not Doing It , you should definitely try because it's soo effective
  8. BradMcCain

    Should I Upgrade Plan (or maybe cleanup server space)?

    I'm about to launch a new product, and as it's a pretty unique product a number of large affiliates have signed up to promote it. I expect this to be my biggest launch to date - by far. Sure, server meltdown is fine if you've set up everything with a nice margin of safety, but than had 10 times...
  9. shafi kasmani

    can i promote jvzoo affiliate products on bing ads?

    if promote jvzoo products with bing ads then work sales or not? did you experience before?
  10. spannco

    New JVZoo Seller Looking for Affiliates

    Hey, My name is Amanda and although I have a background in marketing, I am pretty new to the affiliate space. I just listed my first products on JVZoo, a workbook series called #LaunchLove. The books are step-by-step guides for startups and small businesses on how to build your brand on a...
  11. spannco

    New JVZoo Seller Ready to Rock It!

    Hey guys, My name is Amanda and although my background is in marketing, I am relatively new to the affiliate space. I just created my first set of products on JVZoo, a set of workbooks called #LaunchLove: they're step-by-step guides for building your brand and attracting new customers on a...
  12. Tusohian

    $585 from JVZoo Yesterday

    After the hard working, I can reached my milestone earning of $585 in a day from JVZoo affiliate network. Here is my screenshot of the earning report bellow. Now I really want to say that Yesterday is one of the lucky day for me :) NB : All the sales is come from Bing PPC via my landing page...
  13. Ataxia

    Publish Problem with my page on JVzoo

    Hello Totally newbie to this , have a problem im trying to publish my own product in Jvzoo on, my product is digital add on for Autocad. JVzoo reject was sen to me : - Currently you have no delivery link or file for your customers Download Page: N/A Delivery File: N/A...
  14. Redamrg

    Looking For Jvzoo Affiliates

    Hello , im loooking for jvzoo affiliate for my new launch , if you are a jvzoo affiliate, post your comment below and i will pm you with details .
  15. N

    2016 My Year

    Hi, I NEED 2016 To be a successful year in affiliate marketing. I am all ears to any information that you can give me. I am far from a newbie know, been researching testing learning like it's a full-time job, I'm dedicated to the process just was not been working I'm using JVzoo Market Health...