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  1. K

    Is FB hiding expenses?

    Hello everyone. After recent problems with server crashes, FB started giving out tricks that scare the shit out of me. The last straw was that the advertising report shows the amount of expenses, three times less than what was actually spent. The bank account confirms that all the money has gone...
  2. thehustler

    About putting offer link in lander and iFrame

    Hey, I would like to know what exactly is this term iFrame? Luke from peerfly says iFrame is mandatory for setting up cpa campaigns. Another thing, I'm trying to promote this movie streaming cpa offer so I created my own landing page and put my affiliate link in the CTA of the landing page. But...
  3. TheDanmit

    Tracking after custom redirection to offer

    Hello Guys, So let me describe to you my current issue. I send people to my landing page where they can join my list and if they do, they are automatically redirected from my landing page to the offer. And here is the problem after this redirection I'm not able to tell who converter, I cannot...
  4. René Wagner

    Free Tracking Tools?

    Hi guys, Im a newbie in CPA-Marketing and i have a question, are there any tracking tools, wich are for free? I dont want to pay for tools in the begining. Im happy for every answer. Thanks alot. (Sorry for my bad english im from germany)