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  1. MasterOfHearts

    What's The Thin Line Between Incentive & Motivational Traffic?

    Most of the offers on CPA Networks forbid Incent Traffic. One of the biggest temptations that could literally make or break the campaign. So how to avoid Incentive Traffic? Or Is motivational traffic another name for Incentive Traffic? Are they one and the same? For example, a creative showing...
  2. chervenkov

    Network Wanted Incentive adult traffic

    hello, i need network(s) which accept incentive adult traffic. Please feel free to reply here or send me a DM. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. S

    what are the incentive teaffic sources that i can use to promote incentive offers?

    hello all you genius people i need your help i want to promote my incentive offers (mostly sweepstakes and signups) and i am looking for traffic source i am looking for sources and not methods (like making your own source) i have contacted few incentive ad networks such as super rewards kiip...
  4. P

    My Refer a Friend $5 is Blocked on Facebook

    Hey, I have a paid referral program running and it's been very successful but is now blocked by Facebook and my results are suffering. Does anyone know what to do when this happens? I've tried contacting facebook because my site is not malicious in any way and offers a legitmate solution using...
  5. Axel_inferno09

    Best Cpanetwork for incentive offers?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone's doing good! anyways moving to the topic, can someone please let me know which is the best cpanetwork for high converting/best payout incentive offers? PS: if i posted this in the wrong section,hope moderator will move it to the right place :D
  6. Sophia Loren

    Buy Incentive Traffic

    Where can I buy incentive traffic for my incentive offers?
  7. Sophia Loren

    Incentive Offer

    can i promote incentive offers on microjob sites ?
  8. mouyanali

    Looking for some Incentive Offers

    Hay every one, i am going to start my own PTC, GTP site and i want some incentive offers for my site, can any one help me up. kindly tell me best CPA, CPI networks for my up coming site. Thanks in advance
  9. RewardsGG - 100% gaming website

    Hello, My name is Ben, I'm project manager for https rewards{dot}gg , we are a giveaway website, we provide games, game's items (skins, heroes, gift cards...) & gaming hardware (keyboards, mouse, headset...) to players for FREE. - Our website is 100% free. - Our business is base on: free /...
  10. affbro

    Which is best CPI Network? Please help

    Hello friends i am newbie in affiliate market and started to promote some CPI incentive offer. So my question is Which is best CPI network with incentive offer ?(mainly for USA, India,UK, Indonesia) Which is best CPI ad market? Please suggest any method to promote :)
  11. D


    Blue Track Media is looking for incent/content locking publishers. We have over 1000 incentive campaigns in every single geos, a bunch of exclusive US email submits and mobile CPI campaigns, also we got desktop installs and pin submits campaigns as well! If you are a content locking publisher...
  12. Kc-Tan

    # Incentive VS Non-Incentive Offers ?

    Hi everyone, Which one do you recommend to start with ? (incentive or non-incentive offers) Which one is better ? and WHY ? Thanks a lot, Kc
  13. D

    Buying Traffic About incentive traffic

    i want look find some incen cpi traffic The affiliate link can put in to better who can help? skype:
  14. yacine ezdini

    looking to promote incentive offers on the long run

    hello, if you can provide incentive offers for Tier one traffic pref USA, UK, GER and any other tier one country, please don't hesitate to reach me, i want to deal with a network or a person on the long term. thank you!
  15. hellimac

    Incentive videos offers

    Hello, I would like to add incentive videos in my Android Application, but I don't know what offer to use. I have seen plenty of websites with this sort of offers, like nativeX, ADXMI, Revmob, etc... but there are several things that I would like to know : 1. I would like an offer that could...
  16. redwingz

    Help with incentive

    Hello I have some questions about incentive offers and traffic. 1. What are the best networks for traffic to incentive offers such as mobile games and app downloads? 2. Do you still need landing pages with cost per install(CPI) ? 3. Why is there still a conversion rate when you buy PPI,PPD...
  17. Firecart

    Ask Me Anything About choosing a referral marketing

    Opening this thread only for those who want to tryout referral marketing strategy for their business. You can ask any question from creating a referral marketing campaign to maintaining it. Register to get started with Referral Activity
  18. Eugine Dychko

    Rewarded Installs for Mobile Apps - Have you tried?

    Hi guys, Do you have experience with buying incentive traffic for mobile apps? Have you tried self-served platforms for this? I' m doing research for my article about AppBooster platfrom, and need information on positive/negative experience, alternatives etc. Thanks in advance!