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  1. MasterOfHearts

    What's The Thin Line Between Incentive & Motivational Traffic?

    Most of the offers on CPA Networks forbid Incent Traffic. One of the biggest temptations that could literally make or break the campaign. So how to avoid Incentive Traffic? Or Is motivational traffic another name for Incentive Traffic? Are they one and the same? For example, a creative showing...
  2. S

    what are the incentive teaffic sources that i can use to promote incentive offers?

    hello all you genius people i need your help i want to promote my incentive offers (mostly sweepstakes and signups) and i am looking for traffic source i am looking for sources and not methods (like making your own source) i have contacted few incentive ad networks such as super rewards kiip...
  3. PaltiNet

    I have 3 rocking incentive offers

    If you have good experience with mobile apps based on CPA model .. I willing to pay high payout per install. Contact me via S kyp e = my user same in here. Good luck
  4. Axel_inferno09

    Best Cpanetwork for incentive offers?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone's doing good! anyways moving to the topic, can someone please let me know which is the best cpanetwork for high converting/best payout incentive offers? PS: if i posted this in the wrong section,hope moderator will move it to the right place :D
  5. Sophia Loren

    Ways to promote incentive offers

    Hi guys I'm newbie so i don't know how to promote incentive offers. So can you guys help me with this?
  6. P

    Why incentive traffic banned?

    Hi. My startup company is about to launch and want to offer users with motivation payments to drive traffic thru affiliate marketing sites, but finding the industry is very resistant to incentive traffic. Why is incentive traffic banned on so many sites? I have not found many viable affiliate...
  7. E

    Help me promoting incentive cpi offer

    hi, i am new to cpa marketing. I want to promote incentive cpa offers from the cpa network i have joined. I want promote my offer in cpalead ad, fyber,tapjoy and in other incentive ad network. But, the problem is, the advertiser for example cpalead ads, wants the direct play store link.but, i...
  8. mouyanali

    Looking for some Incentive Offers

    Hay every one, i am going to start my own PTC, GTP site and i want some incentive offers for my site, can any one help me up. kindly tell me best CPA, CPI networks for my up coming site. Thanks in advance
  9. Habib3535

    What is incentive offer, plz help

    When i want to promote some affiliate offer, i get one option that is "incentive". please describe this about !!!
  10. Firecart

    Ask Me Anything About choosing a referral marketing

    Opening this thread only for those who want to tryout referral marketing strategy for their business. You can ask any question from creating a referral marketing campaign to maintaining it. Register to get started with Referral Activity

    Incent Traffic and How to Make it Work

    There are basically three types of incent traffic that exist both on desktop and mobile 1. Virtual currency - the user gets virtual currency, usually in a game, so that he can advance in the game faster in exchange for engaging with an ad (installing app, subscribing CPL, or making a sale). The...
  12. C

    Need help with setting prices

    Hey all! I'm curious about pricing for CPA offers. I am an advertiser and am looking to post my offers on different networks and hopefully increase the number of downloads to my browser extension. I have created incentivized offers, where the user will be entered to win (tickets, for example)...
  13. N

    Introduction to nancy.mpire

    Hi everyone! I'm Nancy and I'm an Affiliate Manager with Mpire Network. I'm excited to be part of the Affiliatefix community and I look forward to interacting with you! Feel free to drop me a line to say hello :)
  14. D

    Affiliates Wanted Run HQ CPI with Dispply

    Hello fixers, we are CPI/CPA-based network, searching for HQ traffic on WW offers. Both incentive and not. Currenly hot geos are: SEA, Tier1, RUssia & INdia. Please ping me back, I may show you interesting offers ;)
  15. D

    Affiliates Wanted Mgcash Media is looking for more affiliates - over 1300 direct incentive campaigns!