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  1. Kuntal Kumar Ghosh

    Ask Me Anything Start CPA + IG Campaign (Set & Forget Method)

    I have started a journey with instagram and CPA Marketing. I will update every day my case study. I have added 10 account in gramto (IG Automation Software). Choose 2 Niche 1. Make Money Online 2. Dating. (No Adult) and set it up for auto following. Lets See what happen. :)
  2. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    Hello Guys, I started cpa marketing + ig in nov 2015, i am a old member of this forum but never posted anything, i always used to observe other people posts to gain knowledge and information. I am sure it will motivate you and i will also get some motivation from you guys, after all hardwork is...
  3. DavidsonGilbert00

    Ig+Ogads Journey to $20/day

    Hi everyone, I'm David, A student From Nigeria My Story I came to Here as a newbie in IM(Never knew what IM was), I saw Many people Here succeeding in the Im business So i decided to Checkout what it was all about and i saw what i...