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  1. Victor Joshua

    How do i sell my product?

    Hi, i am starting new here so i would like an advise about how can i pitch my product which is basically an ID verification solution provider. Any sort of help will be appreciated!!!
  2. K

    7 questions (that everyone says) that you should ask yourself before starting a business

    Does my idea solve a problem? Is there a market for your idea? Is your idea monetizable? Are you passionate about this business opportunity? Have you tried your idea? How will I promote my business idea?
  3. K

    Share your idea

    Keeping the idea under seven keys for fear that someone else steals it may end up choking the business. The more feedback you receive, the more you comment and expose your first prototypes to critical evaluations, the quicker you will understand if you are on the right track or need to rectify...
  4. K

    Content Idea generation

    how to generate content ideas for my new blog?
  5. K

    How To Validate Your Business Idea?

    From a product or service idea to a company, there is a long and winding road. To run it better, market validation is a process that can help you. Even the biggest company started with just one idea, barely a spark. That moment of inspiration in which there was nothing, more than an assumption...