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  1. M

    Good hosting server

    Hello, can any of you recommend any server hosting that will handle hundreds or even thousands of clicks a day without any problem? I work with push traffic so this is very important to me. Does anyone use hosting from for example bluehost, hostgator, Ionos etc?
  2. Jstmore

    Hostgator still as good as before?

    Hey guys, When I started out in Affiliate marketing (about July 2016 I think) I went for godaddy. This didn't last long. Maybe just a personal opinion but I couldn't handle the interface and many other issues. Then I went for bluehost and actually quite enjoyed it. However I always stuck (and...
  3. B

    HostGator vs NameCheap shared hosting

    Hello, just wondering, how could I test the website speeds on HostGator and on NameCheap? I'd like to know which one works faster. I want to start a website on a shared hosting plan (I already have one at HostGator), but eventually, I plan to upgrade to VPS (if/when the traffic picks up). I...