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hello everybody

  1. Elixer45


    I am a new affiliate marketer, and am hoping to gain alot of knowledge from this forum.
  2. Crystal_303

    Hello, Fellow Affiliates!

    My name is Crystal and I am a Colorado Native who, prior to CO-VID19, had been working in the Cannabis industry for the past 8 years, but I have been unemployed for about a year now and am trying to expand my skills by stepping into affiliate marketing! I am a total and complete newbie at this...
  3. Diciples31


    Hi All, my name is Jamie. Here to make new connections. I have a long history in Online Gaming and Marketing. Looking forward to a few collaborations. I have access to well over 5 millions dedicated players and would be interested in sales leads sale and or partnerships.
  4. Xaric

    Hi AffiliateFix-ers!

    Hey, my name is Xaric and I'm the owner of, a blog that mainly focuses on helping people escape the 9-5 by building an income online. I'm here to interact with other affiliate marketers, learn about more advanced practices to scaling my online business as well as share tips...
  5. Ludovic Vuillier

    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone, just here to introduce myself. I am a vendor (I posted up the offer in the relevant forum) with an extensive sales background. My goal here is to help me find affiliates for our site. Having said that, I am more than happy to answer any questions about sales that you may have...
  6. makovcvet

    Hello everyone!

    Hey hey! My name is Kate, I want to say hello and wish everyone a good day! It's great to be here :)
  7. epicswife

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to this forum and I am very excited to learn from all of you. I am mainly looking to see what I can do to make money as I am permanently disabled :( but hey it happens.. my fingers still work lol...
  8. K


    Hello mates, I am new here. I am from New York. I am learning affiliate marketing So I am here.
  9. Legionivo


    hello! This message should containt at least 20 characters!
  10. violaping

    Say hello

    Hello everyone, This is viola from lighting ever, and I am now in charge of the ShareASale and CJ affiliate program. I'm here to learn more about affiliate marketing and hope to get more valuable affiliates to work with me. Hope we will have a good time here:)
  11. chloember

    Hello everybody!

    I am very glad to be a new member on the forum! I really hope that you will help me with (new for me theme) affiliate marketing :)
  12. dvsdmc

    N00b, day laborer, ready

    Hey guys I'm dvsdmc, actually Davie works, from the Pacific NW. I'm new to making money online but I need this so bad its not funny. I love anything entrepreneurial(thank you spell check), love honesty and openness. I've learned quite a bit online but have yet to really get into pure digital...
  13. C

    A quick hello from a new forum member

    Hello everybody :) Just dropping in to say a quick hello, as I'm new to this forum. I am also new to CPA but I have access to some excellent training and resources - not least of all this forum. I have made a pledge to myself to work at this until I see substantial success. Hope you're...
  14. ChuwiDev

    Hi everybody!

    Hello, my name is Chuwi and I want to start with CPA-marketing. I'm a beginner and wanna try at first simple things like gaming, dating, service, mobile installs etc. with youTube video production, presentations etc. This is a great forum to find all kind of information, so I hope to discover...