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health and fitness

  1. X

    Hey Everyone! Paige, CEO Of Earth & Elle here to introduce myself

    Hey Everyone! My name is Paige I am the CEO & Founder of Earth and Elle. We are a vegan, cruelty free supplement brand that is 100% women owned. 80% of our employees are female. We create a range of supplements that are beneficial for your hair, skin, & nails. Our IG & FB is @xoearthandelle
  2. Ronald Meador

    Proprietary Biophysics Technology In Wellness Offerings

    I am Ronald Meador and my background is in Organic Chemistry and Quantum Biology. Right! So what am I doing here? Well no life stories today. I am going to get right into what can be in it for you. I am the president of Radiant Skin Sciences. Our brands are Dermagena and Performa-XL. Some...
  3. Ludovic Vuillier

    The Good Life Manifesto

    Hello everyone! Glad to be able to be a part of this community. We have developed an affiliate program which I think you guys will like. Our main site is *Removed by Admin* , here you can see our site and what we offer our clients (oh and by Tuesday the copy will have changed to be more...
  4. A

    [ADVICE NEEDED] Got Sales, Now What?

    Hello Everyone, I launched my ad campaign using native ads(revcontent) today and already have received 2 commissions! However, I have no idea of how to track and optimize my campaign. I want to know what ads are creating the sales and how to recreate things in the future. Generally speaking, I...
  5. Lucian SC

    Announcement In-house Nutra line at BitterStrawberry

    We're proud to announce that our in-house Nutra is going live soon in BitterStrawberry's Marketplace with it's first product. The product is the first from an upcoming line of high-quality complex supplements and already has excellent results in Pharmacies. Since it's a complex supplement...
  6. Simon Purcill

    Potential Joint Venture or affiliates in the fitness niche

    My partner has recently launched a fitness video coaching membership site. We have used wordpress and memberpress to create the site. michelledrielsma .com She is a published author and very well respected in her field. Her point of difference is her excellent technique and technical knowledge...