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health and beauty

  1. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Offer Wanted Any Offer that works with Chiropractor & Beauty Customers Leads?

    I have these two different leads. They are Chiropractor and Beauty leads that has been engaged in these niche, but i am looking for interesting offers that works well with both. I would've loved if those offers are either private or a direct advertisers offer. I will appreciate a payment term...
  2. X

    Hey Everyone! Paige, CEO Of Earth & Elle here to introduce myself

    Hey Everyone! My name is Paige I am the CEO & Founder of Earth and Elle. We are a vegan, cruelty free supplement brand that is 100% women owned. 80% of our employees are female. We create a range of supplements that are beneficial for your hair, skin, & nails. Our IG & FB is @xoearthandelle
  3. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Official Lucrative Affiliate Opportunities Await You!

    Dear Esteemed Members, I trust this message finds you in good health and spirits. Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Hozefa, and I oversee the Affiliate Programs at Comfort Click Ltd. I'm excited to share with you some incredible affiliate opportunities in the Health & Beauty and Pet...
  4. H

    Ask Me Anything Can you take a look here and tell me your experience if any ???

    Hello, I am happy to write here this network claims Hello, I am happy to write here A few days ago, I joined a network called health trader Do you have any experiences ?? What do you think are the best ways to promote this type of product ??
  5. Armorica

    Affiliates Wanted Armorica - Hot E-commerce Offers | CPA, RevShare | SmartLink | Nutra, CBD, etc

    Armorica is an affiliate network with highly-demanded CPA and Revenue Share offers. Here you can find exclusive deals for your traffic in different verticals: E-commerce, Nutra, Finance, Educational, Health and Beauty, and even more. We carefully handpicked and integrated the best performing...
  6. danielrog

    Official Looking for Affiliate marketers to promote health&beauty products

    Hello, Currently, Lidango LLC is expanding its affiliate marketing looking for people like you - to promote our health&beauty products, CPL basis, with payouts reaching up to $30 per lead generated. If you are interested, contact me live:rogachevmarketingATgmailDOTcom or...
  7. Reinstecker

    Which niche is the best for beginners?

    I'm interested in affiliate marketing (banners, popunder, redirect, ...) I just don't know which niche I should choose. Which niche is the best and easiest to start for beginners?
  8. Jennifer Lieberthal

    New to online marketing

    My name is Jennifer, I am a retired massage therapist and receptionist. I worked in the massage and beauty industry most of my adult life, after getting carpal tunnel I was no longer able to do massage. I have worked in several types of businesses since then which was back in 2015. I tried...
  9. Muhaiminul

    want to launch a affiliate market

    Thanks to @azgold Hi, I want to launch a small affiliate market in locally for Bangladesh with few private promoters average present traffic is 30-40 k per day. Which market will fit for me for adopting offers? I want to use offerslook or hasoffter platform. And looking for health & beauty...
  10. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Direct NUTRA trials for US, HIGH EPC

    Diet/weight loss, skin care trial offers. CR:17%, lead to purchase. Geo: US. Traffic type: fb, social , seo, native. CPA+upsell (an additional CPA). Payout: Bi-weekly, net 7. Own bottles. Own tracking system, postbacks. Own money processing. My skype: asudjan
  11. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Beauty\ Weight loss \Nutra

    Recruiting experienced affiliates in the health/beauty space, US UK. If you are doing large volume, i ll work on pre-pay with you. Skype: asudjan
  12. Michael_Olavivo

    Offer Wanted Nutra + Ecomm Direct Advertisers Are Needed.

    Hi guys, We're looking for direct (owned by the advertiser only) Nutra and Ecomm offers. Please feel free to contact me via Skype and email at the below. Skype - live:kazula.michael83 Thanks a lot. Michael
  13. evomarketplace

    Buying Leads US/CA Nutra Free trials

    Hello guys ! EvoLeads is looking for DIRECT PUBS to promote our nutra products for US and CA - Highest payouts guaranteed, weekly payments (even daily with volume), and unlimited cap - Products available: garcinia, skin, diet, cleanse, male enhancement, brain booster, booty and bust enhancement...
  14. Alex_Chess

    I ll hire the copywriter

    Hey guys! Greetings to everybody. I wanna hire a professional copywriter, health and beauty topic. Its gonna b a big volumes, over here. Pls send me your previous works. Buzz me at email: askype: asudjan whatsapp: +972524598252
  15. AffNinjas

    Direct Offers

    We have health/beauty/adult products - direct offers in several EU countries. Looking for quality traffic on CPA/CPL/CPC basis.
  16. abdellahi

    Simple and easy landing page

    hi everyone, one of the most important things in AM is the Landing Page some may use Direct linking but the good result is always with LP today i'll show you a very simple LP that can give you a very high CTR and sometimes a good CR these type of LP work the best with health offer but you can...
  17. abdellahi

    Simple and easy landing page

    hi everyone, one of the most important things in AM is the Landing Page some may use Direct linking but the good result is always with LP today i'll show you a very simple LP that can give you a very high CTR and sometimes a good CR these type of LP work the best with health offer but you can...
  18. emily bizprofits

    What Traffic Works for Nutra Offers In 2017?

    What traffic sources to use for certain verticals and offers is probably the most pressing question for every affiliate marketer. If you don’t want to send your budget down the drain, that is. With the right combination, there are thousands of dollars to be made, while the wrong one will have...
  19. B

    Affiliates Wanted BetterKetchup Affiliate Program - 15% commission

    Hello: I am looking for affiliates to promote our organic hidden veggies ketchup. Payout: 15% commission. Payed monthly. Cookie duration: 60 days (for affiliatefix members) Target audience: Parents, healthy eating, organic, toxic free, vegan school lunches, clean eating, gourmet, foodie...
  20. Natural Revenue

    Natural Health Product Affiliate Program: Looking for Affiliates!

    Hi, My name is Miles and I am an Affiliate Manager at Natural Revenue, I thought Affiliate Fix was an affiliate network where I could market my affiliate program but its not clear how I actually market my affiliate program. Can someone provide me with some help? Thanks in advance, Miles