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  1. Make Money With CPA

    Anyone Can Help Me for This issue [Deceptive site ahead] [Attackers]

    Hello Guys! Anyone can help me for this issue [Deceptive site ahead] how to fix this issue this domain is redirected from another domain and my original domain is fine and both of domain is not index and not add in google webmaster tool if anyone know about it how to fix this issue so...
  2. trackingdesk

    [hack] AdWords Postback URL

    Hi Everyone I imagine that a few of you are running campaigns on AdWords and if you do, you are probably manually uploading your conversions through the "offline conversion" CSV process. Well, I am happy to say that we found a little "hack" that allows to fully automate this process and save...
  3. IronMan

    Selling Earn Now $$ Selling HQ Landing Page For iPhone/Sweepstakes offer (giftcard,XBOX)

    Hello guys, i want to sell high quality lp for different types of sweepstakes offer. You can earn handsome amount of money by using this LP for social media traffic like Insatagram, facebook. These LP really convert well. You can use content locker or direct link in it. I will also help you to...
  4. T J Tutor

    Skype Being Hacked Regularly - Here's A Fix

    Over the past few months I've been reading about, and hearing from associates in our industry, that their Skype accounts have been hacked. During that time, a program I use has been notifying my of intrusion attempts in Skype. It still continues today. I keep getting notifications from a program...