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  1. thehustler

    FB keeps banning me from joining and posting in groups

    Hi, this is own personal FB account for many years and just a week ago FB temp banned me from joining and posting in groups. The ban was lifted yesterday and today I joined 3 groups back to back and posted and shared a link and I got temp banned again until 9th May. The link was NOT an affiliate...
  2. David Mali

    Selling on facebook groups (free)

    hello guys i wanted to try testing items and see if they will be good for my next fb campaign so i posted a new item on my store (Led Strips) from aliexpress and i told a friend to add me on all of his computer groups and gaming groups so i posted images of my set up on all computer...
  3. H

    Hi people of AffiliateFix...

    Hi everyone, Greetings! I'm Harold Bacon from Philippines and I'm an entrepreneur. Looking forward in making more friend here.. :)
  4. Walid Chaki

    Facebook groups help

    Heey Is there any way to tag all who joined in a group in a post Kindly Best regards,
  5. Chris Porter

    How can I create Multiple Facebook Accounts

    Does anyone know how I can create multiple facebook accounts with out getting blocked. I liked to advertise in facebook groups, but they keep blocking my account for a few weeks at a time because I posted to too many groups. Is there anyway around this? Let me know!