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  1. A

    How to get approved for awin and ShareAsale?

    They didn't give me any details to why maybe you can help me in this?
  2. Abiral Ghimire

    Landing page Help

    I am a newbie to CPA marketing I have just bought a website with health-related title on it and hosted it on WordPress, what I want to know is if I want to use this one site to promote all health-related niche using landing pages (, what should I make my...
  3. Old Pal

    Wanna Mentor Me?

    Mentors, Teachers, Tutors: So I'm maybe halfway to getting a functional offer and ad running. Or maybe I'm only ten percent ACTUALLY done. I can't see the finish line. Tracking feels complicated. Changing DNS A records and CNAME records was more than I knew from the start. But these are...
  4. Donald C. Obii

    My Journey to $100/day & beyond (Tools: Bing, Wordpress (ThriveTheme), TrackingDesk & My BIG noggin

    Hello everyone!! I joined AffiliateFix last week... I believe i was Wednesday. However, I only just signed up for the Dojo this afternoon, and so far I'm liking what i'm seeing. Now, I would like to get right to the 'meat and potatoes' of this post. I'm on my journey to hitting my first...
  5. Giovani

    Wanting To Pull My Hair Out !!!

    My name is Giovani im 19 years old. ive been fascinated with Affiliate marketing for a while now and have spend money on traffic, ebooks, tutorial videos and have found nothing what so ever. Every single day I hop online and try and find some good information but its like all these gurus say the...