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  1. slaender

    Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads in Germany

    Hi, So i have read a lot here and i want to start with my first affiliate campaign soon. But iam still struggling with the question what offer should i use. I want to start with german offers because this is my main language. I want to use Facebook Ads since this is the traffic source that i...
  2. Stencil

    [NEED HELP] Looking for Call tracking and routing solution for France, Germany & Japan

    I have been doing Pay Per Call campaigns for (Tech) quite sometime Mostly US and CA regions only. I was first using Trackdrive and then migrated to Ringba. But since the demand rose for Calls from FR, DE and JP ; I am looking for call tracking and routing solutions for these regions. Ringba...
  3. nativeadslab

    Hello from Yorkshire

    Hi everyone, I'm a seasoned affiliate media buyer and multilingual copywriter focused on native. I'm also the editor of two marketing newsletters. I joined AffiliateFix to stay up to date and connect with other affiliates. All the best!
  4. Ezio

    of Brazil, through Germany ...

    Hi guys, I'm coming now ... about a year I started to study Digital Marketing I'm Brazilian, but I currently live in Germany ... besides Portuguese that is my mother tongue, I speak Italian ... I'm married and I am very happy to have found this Affiliate Forum ... I hope to learn a lot from you...
  5. 1_Silver_3

    Hey Afillionados :-)

    I've been reading this forum for quite a while now and recently set up an account. So: Hello to you all. :-) I'm totally new to affiliate marketing and keen to get started with CPA. But, I'm not totally new to marketing. I have a strong advertising background as an awarded copywriter. I mostly...
  6. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted iPhone 7 Offers are Here!

    The hottest new iPhone 7 offers are ready! Get these hot new iPhone 7 offers set up and testing today! These are the newest offers in our system. All three campaigns are mobile optimized and come with two landing page options for you to choose from. This campaign is now available under the...
  7. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted Hurry and get these 2 CPL offers with exclusive rates NOW!

    Hurry up and get these 2 offers with EXCLUSIVE rates & prize options! Get one of these brand new campaigns for your traffic! This week we are featuring two CPL campaigns that include exclusive rates, different prize options AND landing page options (Direct & Browser Survey). These offers are...
  8. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted 4 New CPA campaigns for GR, BG & DE

    Four Fantastic New Campaigns! Get these 4 brand new campaigns for your traffic. This week we are featuring 4 CPA campaigns with coverage in GR, BG & DE. We have two great CPA campaigns in GR - 407 & 419 - both convert on PIN Submit! We have 418 for BG that converts on MO Flow! Plus we have a...
  9. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted CPL Campaigns for your DE Traffic!

    Eight Excellent German CPL Campaigns! Get these eight brand new CPL campaigns for your DE traffic; each campaign comes with a direct to offer version and a browser landing page option. All campaigns are mobile optimized. These campaigns are now available under the 'Campaign' tab in your...
  10. O

    Buying Traffic Need German Traffic;HIGH CPA

    Hi, OptionWeb Affiliate Program. Welcome to the OptionWeb affiliate platform. Detailed and precise to answer your needs, ergonomic to ease your path, take your first steps in an innovative universe custom made just for you... Easy, due to its parity system, effective and quick, you are not...
  11. Marco Acero

    Lets Network ;)

    Hey, guys, I've just joined the forum, not the field. Quick intro: Passionate affiliate, technical minded but with degrees in design and business. Have been an affiliate for a few months now. I've had minor successes and remain skeptical of people making it big. I should say, making it big...