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  1. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Case Study Get 92% ROI running in-stream adult game in Spain

    In this case study, we'll dive into the remarkable success story of an advertiser who made a cool $1273 by running an adult game offer on ClickAdilla's advertising platform. His secret? Targeting Spain and using the in-stream ad format to tap into the thriving market for hentai games CPA...

    Greetings from AdToGame!

    Hello everyone! We are AdToGame - a gaming-oriented affiliate network that focuses on gathering the best offers from a very wide range of different ad providers. We've just applied for an official listing on AffiliateFix, so you can check us out when it gets approved! In the meantime, we are...
  3. harnur

    Are Banner or Display Ad CHEAPER than Search Ad?

    I wish to promote CPA gaming offer, but CPC price of google/Bing ads(search) is too high, so i looking to explore display ads for promoting gaming offers. Are display ads cheaper than search ads? And which are the cheapest display/banner ads network that i cud use for promoting gaming offers...
  4. Affiliate-PlayerAuctions

    Looking for Affiliates to signup for PlayerAuctions Gaming Affiliate Marketing Program.

    Hi there, We are PlayerAuctions - Secure Player-to-Player Marketplace to Buy & Sell in game Currency, Gold, Items, Skins, Accounts, Power Leveling & CD Keys for MMO, FPS and RPG Games. We have >1million registered traders 550K Avg monthly offers. We are in >135 countries We are looking for...
  5. ReachEffect- Harry


    we are an expert in Adult Content and Gaming digital advertising. The only platform that gives bonuses based on advertising investment. Top converting traffic for webcams , mobile content and Dating offers Impressive client support 24/7 For more information check our website: ReachEffect
  6. geekraider

    A Newbie With a Soft Spot for Gaming

    Hi guys. I finally decided to 'grow up' and quit playing video games for fun. I set up two blogs to help me venture into gaming related affiliate marketing. They mostly talk about game cheats, hacks and other tips to help gamers crack hard levels or push their games to the limit by modding...