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    I am Nick. New Website owner.

    I was thinking about how many people create traffic and make money for companies with their clicks and their data. So I said, What if, there is a website that gains traffic and all the ads revenue goes to donations in abandoned animals and kids without food? If there was a big community doing...
  2. Honeybadger

    10 Things I Love About Affiliate Fix

    The new design, it's sick !! Affiliate Marketing Calendar from @MyLead has helped me plan 2021 @T J Tutor robustly ruining some spammer's day When @azgold drops by for some encouragement and smileys :D Any content by @zeropark -->
  3. Honeybadger

    New Lists Feature

    @T J Tutor Thank you for adding the new bullet and number lists feature :) The preview feature is also very useful, and easier than before
  4. Honeybadger

    100,000 Discussions

    Just saw it at the footer / impressive milestone There is alot of knowledge in that mix DISCUSSIONS: 100,026 MESSAGES: 539,291 MEMBERS: 112,490 VISITED TODAY: 364
  5. Bruno Semedo

    Forum as a Traffic Source

    Hi, I just wanted to know if a Forum can be used to drive Traffic, depending on the niche that the Forum is related to? Or does it depend on Forum's Policy.
  6. Mcgabby

    Best hair loss supplements

    What are the beat hair loss supplements that are recommendable?
  7. K

    Hello, nice joining affiliatefix

    Hi, thanks for finally accepting me as a member of the greatest forum which helps and assist others to succeed in all aspect of their online businesses. I'm looking forward to learn and help others as well in various help they might need from me with the little skills and knowledge I have.
  8. candygirl

    Ask Me Anything Doing SEO for website, but minimal results?

    Hi, webmasters. In the past couple of months i am working on website in the removal and storage niche, which happens to be very competitive, and i try to combine most of my knowledge into it. I optimized the on-page, design looks great, content is alright, buttons to social media, almost...
  9. isurf1ng

    Hello AffiliateFixians

    Hello, this is isurfing, pursuing a career in affiliate marketing. Usually, I write online contents and now I appeared to think of creating some value for them. I am very glad to join this forum. I believe I could do a lot better in association with the forum members. Thanks in advance.
  10. doudou74

    Announcement New forum about cryptocurrencies

    Hello, If someone of you want to discover the crypto money, there's a new forum. It gives you all the informations if you are new in this world. You can suscribe here Regards
  11. FrankZ


    Greetings Fixers. I have recently noticed that lately in this forum some users , appearently from Asia, have been spamming the different sections of this forum with various threads that I believe are intended to infect with malware or redirect to malicious sites. I kindly request moderators...
  12. Glitz and glamour

    new to using

    hello I am still new to using this platform.if any one else knows all about it can dm me thanks
  13. PurePay

    Feedback MV Affiliatefix

    Hello all. I am using AF for the first time on my phone and i am not to impressed, there seem to be some size problems with buttons and other things. I am starting this thread so we can get all things that can be improved out in the open. Love it here and i wish this will help improving this...
  14. B

    Starting a Forum - How to Make it Succesful?

    Hello, I want to start a forum for software developers. I wonder, how do I kick start it? How do I promote it? Should I visit other forums and mention it in my signature? Do I start a FB Group / Site and advertise it? I'll probably choose vBulletin Cloud (15 USD/month) since it's...
  15. Barton_101

    Official Monetizus

    Barton_101 submitted a new resource: Monetizus - Universal Monetization Platform Read more about this resource...
  16. MrPRinson

    pointers to promote Sports forum

    I could use some pointers on how to promote sports forum and help get it members Would be amazing if some of you guys could help me out, Thanks!
  17. A

    Looking for new XenForo theme

    Hii I need to upgrade my forum on . The forum uses XenForo. So do you know the best XenForo theme out there right now? Thanks for the help Andrew