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  1. suklanarayan

    Which are the best ads in Facebook to get Youtube subscribers

    I really want to know your expert opinion. Regarding - Which are the best ads on Facebook to get Youtube subscribers
  2. Joseph Viet

    How can I find Marketing Affiliator who will sell product for me?

    Hi everyone! I'm newbie and I have a question is How can I find Marketing Affiliator who will sell product for me? Because I have a good scripts for Social Media Marketing, I think you will like if you can try it. But, until now I have only channel to sell it, so that, I want to learn How can...
  3. affiliatelk

    How to generate facebook leads for educational institutions?

    Hi, I plan to manage my clients (educational institution-canada) social media channels and would like to brings students as facebook ads leads. Is there anyone can elaborate step-by-step with the sample 'ad copies' and 'lead form formats' to the students registration. - GEO : Canada - AUDIECE...
  4. chriscxmpo

    Can't find Facebook oCPM

    Hi. I recently discovered the power of Facebook's oCPM. I was trying to setup a campaign but I can'd find the option for oCPM. How can I properly set it up? I appreciate all the help. Thank you.
  5. PostAffiliate

    FB Marketing help

    Dear all's Yes yes, this is it, finally thinking about starting my affiliate marketing journey. Just before I start I need some advice as this will be my first ever online investment towards Affiliate Marketing. I am currently on the edge of starting a facebook page in a very popular but not...
  6. T J Tutor

    Marketers Not Yet Using Facebook Advertising

    There are an abundance of marketers not using Facebook because they hear all kinds of negativity about users and ad accounts being banned for no reason. Consequently they feel why bother. I've never had this problem with Facebook, or any other social media ad accounts. I simply always review the...
  7. T J Tutor

    Finding the Ideal Customer

    I've find that many marketers trying to make Facebook work for them rarely outline a plan before putting together their campaigns. How do you approach new campaigns with a plan?