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  1. V

    DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING is a must-have in your digital marketing strategy.

    Hi, I'm Vamshi. * Edited by Admin
  2. Tanay Kumar Das

    Is there a way to stop sending promotional emails about a product once they buy the Product?

    This is an advanced strategy but what you will need to do is place a tracking pixel from your email autoresponder on the page the customer lands on after purchasing the product. You then need to set your autoresponder to "TAG" people who purchase and then you can have the action for that tag set...
  3. Shourove saha

    Offer Wanted Looking for student loan consolidation & credit repair offers

    Hi, can anyone suggest or recommend me some best student loan consolidation & credit repair offers. I have good quality email and AdWords traffic. Thank you.
  4. arjunaju2223

    Sending speed in Mailwizz

    Hey Guys, Good Morning.! I'm using Mailwizz application (licensed version) to send bulk emails. As for now I can send 50k emails per day. Now my business is being high and I'm supposed to send more than 100k emails per day. I tried with all codes to increase my sending per minute/hour. No one...
  5. I

    Does email marketing gets business?

    I want to start email marketing for my business but a bit confused, will it work or not...Can anybody suggest their thoughts about this?
  6. A

    Best Email Autoresponder

    Hello, I'm here to tell you about the most popular and powerful Email Autoresponder. With this you can collect emails, automatic send emails to your selected list. Create good looking Landing pare, Optin-page or anything you want. It have step by step video tutorial to setup you first project...
  7. M

    Hello Affiliate World from UK based M2M!

    Greetings everybody, There's still a lot we need to read through before we start using this site but I thought it'd be nice to introduce ourselves by saying 'Hi'! We're a small company of less than 10 employees all from a marketing background but with strengths from different areas. Looking...
  8. Walid Chaki

    Anyone can help me to start build my new email list ?

    Hey guys Im new here my name is Walid , Im a newbie in Cpa Marketing I just started with clickbank , but i didn't sell any product now .. so I'm facing a problem to just how to get start to build an email list , getting traffic,creating landing page ....ect can any one help me,any advices and...
  9. G

    email template designing

    i am new on email marketing for this why i faced some email marketing sector a email tempate is essential for getting targeted triffic. fot this why i hire a freelancer from fiverr for making a mailchimp email template i got the good result about template from this freelancer but i...
  10. S

    Moving to Automated Business Development Solution

    Are there any challenges in moving to an automated Business Development solutions.?

    Affiliates Wanted Wanted: email marketer in DE

    Hi at all, seems to be very hard to find email marketer in Germany with solar panel costumer lists, isn't it? Where do you get your lists from? Hit me up: simon.imocash (skype)
  12. Harvey park


    One of the main reasons i took on the role as an affiliate manager with EPIC LYFE was because i saw the value in the affiliated side to the programme.With epic lyfe they had an alternative to the CPA market because not only do you get paid for the CPA you continue to get paid over and...

    Looking For Partnership for E-Mail Marketing

    Hey at all, you have a huge email database in your drawer and don't know how to monetize them? We have the possibility to deliver them all, worldwide! What we promise: The best converting offers for email marketing - all verticals - all goes - all languages What we need: You and your mailing...

    Affiliates Wanted E-Mail Marketing

    Hey at all You got Mail Addresses? We have the possibility to deliver!! Contact us simon(at) BR Simon ______________ IMO CASH is looking for affiliates

    E-Mail Marketing

    You got Mail Addresses? We have the possibility to deliver!! Contact us simon(at) BR Simon _______________________ we are looking for affiliates!!

    Partnership Partnership

    Hey at all, You got Mail Addresses? We have the possibility to deliver!! Contact us simon(at) We are looking for affiliates too!! BR Simon