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  1. Alex Maxim

    Where to Find Homeschooling Affiliates?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this message finds you all in excellent spirits, and that you are having a wonderful day. We were just wondering if anyone here had any tips on where to find homeschooling affiliates. We came up with quite a few influencer-type people who are also affiliates via...
  2. Alex Maxim

    Education Company Needs Affiliate Networks Guidance

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all keeping well, and that you are having a great summer. I represent a boutique company in the education sector which is about to start selling a DVD-based course, principally for the US market but also other key territories (Singapore...
  3. Stonebridge Colleges

    New affiliate marketing manager

    Good morning/evening everyone. My name is Mustafa from Stonebridge Associated Colleges nice to e-meet you all :-) I'm new to this forum, just wanted to introduce myself and the company I work for and get some pointers from you guys. So I come from a techy background in the affiliate marketing...
  4. J


    Sprintzeal Americas Inc is one of the growing company located in United States & in India. We are one of the best player in the market in education sector & we serve professionals by empowering them in different fields, aspects by providing various trainings & globally recognized certificates...