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direct linking

  1. your_karan


    Hello, how is it going.... guys!! So recently I gave snapchat ads a try... I heard from many affiliate marketplace's vlog that we can directly link our affiliate offer with snapchat ads. So ofc if that's the case sometimes we can try direct linking for some specific Offers to test the...
  2. techable

    Clickbank and Bing ads direct linking success

    *** Updated: Testimonials I received recently Hi guys! I've recently been trying out new methods of promoting CB products. I've had success with finding low competition products that are selling pretty well and doing direct linking campaigns through Bing. I recorded the setup of one...
  3. CrushALot

    Looking for NATIVE TRAFFIC recommendation?

    Hi Everyone: I'm a novice trying to learn affiliate marketing by running direct link Zip Submits and SOI ads focused solely on Employment & Education offers from MaxBounty & Peerfly. Unfortunately, TABOOLA shut me down after 3 months on the grounds that I was violating their policy which I...
  4. SY Abuzar

    Affiliate Marketing Friendly Advertising companies

    Hello guys? We all know that there are numbers of amazing Advertising companies but the problem is some of them are Affiliate Marketing Friendly and some not. For instance, ******Bing advert permits to direct linking to the affiliate offer (sales page...) ### but Google and facebook adverts...