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  1. J

    The Hustler University 5.0 is free

    Hi ***The rest removed by Admin*** ***Selling "Get Rich" BS***
  2. Steve @ Voluum

    Official Back to School Contest: Win a FREE Voluum subscription with Affiliate Academy!

    Hello All! Are you sad that summer is over? Don’t be! Going back to school can be cool – especially when we’re talking about our very own Affiliate Academy :) To make fall season a bit sweeter (and more productive!), we have prepared a competition for you! “What is the prize?” – "What are...
  3. MarketCall

    Official Free affiliate education course on Facebook Marketplace ads.

    Hey affiliates! Marketcall has launched educational program for newbie affiliates. Our Learn & Earn Program provides video guides and personal support from our managers to help you make first steps in Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. All participants will get access to Marketcall dashboard...
  4. hwolpoff

    Looking for strong marketers with a good list

    Hey all. I am a marketing strategist and business coach with an outstanding e-learning site to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to become business marketing experts. *Edited by admin* .
  5. iassingapore

    ISO 9001 Course Singapore

    IAS is providing iso 9001 lead auditor course in singapore. As per the IRCA criteria the course is conducted for 40 hrs, 5 days, lecture type, training carried out through an experienced registered ISO 9001 lead auditor as facult(y)ies. Package includes lunch and course materials. Last day of...
  6. Bloody Tourist

    FREE crypto trading video course

    Hey Fixers, A buddy of mine recently launched his 100% free crypto trading video course on youtube. There's a lot of crappy courses out there by people who have no clue what they're doing and still charge hundreds of dollars. This dude was fed up with that BS and decided to pass his knowledge...
  7. Bloody Tourist

    Creating my own course. Udemy or..

    Hey Fixers, Question for you guys that sell courses: What software/platform do you recommend? And for you Udemy users: What are some of the do's an don'ts? I have the marketing and traffic part down, so please limit your tips to course hosting/delivery/platforms etc.. ;) Thanks!
  8. logicalnerds

    I Need Your Help

    I am planning to create an online course on "Passive Income". It will be based on earning from online by creating niche websites. So, my questions: Tell me what is stopping you from being Financially Independent? Do you have any idea how much you can earn online? Do you have any idea...
  9. Karl Dennis

    Email Marketing Excellence

    100% off coupon | Please don't share outside of the group. ($0.00) for the first 100 AffiliateFix members until Friday for: Email Marketing Excellence course by comtechdigital. Get it while it's hot, and free. Step-By-Step Blueprint Reveals How To Become An...
  10. jamesrajend

    Who OWNS Facebooks PPC?

    Hi Everyone, have you mastered facebook PPC ads? If so, which online facebook ppc training course would you recommend me so that would allow me to promote CPA offers? Thanks in advance!
  11. tajhtha1

    Selling $1000+ Facebook course back up for $25 (Insane Deal)

    Face it... Facebook Ad Strategy is Always Changing. Presenting the Ads Mastermind that Changes With It... Your Step-by-Step System for Setting Up, Tracking, and Scaling Facebook Ads So You Can Grow Your Business Using the World's Largest Social Network. What's Inside of Fearless Ad Lab? (all...
  12. Nick360

    TeeMarketingAcademy ?

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question but anyways. Does anyone here know about the teemarketingacademy course? I have tried to look up honest reviews of it and all of them say positive things but the reason I can't trust these reviewers is because all of them have...