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  1. bruce bates

    Ask Me Anything What do you know about cooperative marketing?

    Cooperative marketing is "my thing" and in my opinion is it one of the most underutilized forms of marketing and advertising on the internet. Cooperative based marketing is a form of marketing where everyone comes together to help everyone else. Imagine joining a group of affiliate marketers...
  2. bruce bates

    Hello from Bruce Bates aka Viraladmin

    My name is Bruce Bates otherwise known as viraladmin. I am certainly not new to affiliate marketing but I am new to these forums. Hopefully I will find time to become a VERY active member over the coming weeks and months. In general I create unique marketing platforms geared towards...
  3. K

    Partnership CPAlead_com - Are you there ?

    Hello, I've tried to get in contact with this companies management, but there is no response on my emails, calls, and "contact-us" form as well. I would like to speak with best person from this network, maybe some of you could put me in contact with someone from this network ? Much...