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  1. I

    Seeking Help Can I use Pinterest conversion ads to promote ClickBank products?

    Hey there, I hope everyone is doing okay. I want to try to promote ClickBank products with Pinterest ads. I have a couple of questions that I can't find definite answer to anywhere. First, am I allowed to link the ads directly to my hoplink? People say yes, but they also say that redirects...
  2. GaryCook

    Facebook offline conversions for CPA?

    Hi, Is anybody using the Facebook Offline Conversions API for CPA marketing? Since most networks don't accept the normal conversion pixel I was thinking that maybe a good way to track conversions instead? Most networks allow firing a URL. I have not tried it before but I do know a lot of PHP.
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Seller won't add my FB conversion pixel

    Hi Guys, I run a lot of binary offers on native and pop traffic, but I'm experimenting with some new stuff on FB. I found this great nice + info product that I would like to run. Asked the seller if he could add my FB pixel to his website so I can track conversions and this was his answer...