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  1. MasterOfHearts

    Cloudflare BIC Settings? Robots.txt?

    Hi Everyone! I have setup Cloudflare on my website and I read the documentation which said that BIC (Browser Integrity Check) is turned on by default for Firewall but here I am asking to turn on the same. I tried 2-3 Different IP addresses (made sure not to overdo it) but Cloudflare didn't...
  2. Axel_inferno09

    Will this create duplicate content problem?

    so guys the thing is i have a website which is ranked on google.. and its hosting expired and i moved to a new one. and the website was - and after switching hosting, i dont know how it became I was using cloudflare before and now also i'm using cloudflare...
  3. krass

    How to set up cdn plus dns?

    I'm having trouble setting up my dns and cdn. Here's what I did for details hope you guys can help out: 1) Bought domain from namecheap 2) Change the dns to clouflare dns since they are the fastest dns 3) Added cnames to point to the rackspace container urls 4) Tested it and the dns doesn't...